Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A day when I was all at sea!

Last night the sleep was interrupted many a time as Lekha wasn't well. She'd cramps in her abdomen and was writhing in pain. The intake of Naftal Spas, Eno etc didn't have the desired effect. I'd gotten up in the morning feeling groggy for the lack of sleep. But the day had to be kicked forward and essential chores done, the maid's continued absence adding to the quantum of work. The silver lining was the information that she's out of the hospital and recouping at home. She will only come to work in early August, though!

       *                                  *                                   *

The overnight soiled dishes were washed down and put into their allotted slots. Saw mom going in for her bath and helped her with a few things in her preparation. She was chirpy, inquiring as to how Lekha was. The morning cuppa was made and Lekha's was served at her bedside as she continued to be in bad shape. Her intake of the 'Omez D', against' acidity, on an empty stomach should do the needful, I thought, while planning as to what I should do for breakfast......

       *                                   *                                   *

Cornflakes, toasts along with butter/jam and bananas were on offer and mom said that it was a damn good breakfast. Lekha had decided to forego it because of her continuing, miserable state. Visiting a doctor was ruled out as she was quite sure that her discomfort was because of an indigestion. The undigested ingredients had to come out of her system and that was taking its own, sweet time. It finally happened in the afternoon, just before lunch time, rendering her system back to normalcy.

         *                                  *                                    *

The option for lunch was two - either to make something at home or to order from the nearby hotel. I decided for the former and after acquiring mom's permission, decided to make a rice gruel, which I thought was simple but it was not to be with the mistakes that I was making. The error that I made in between was to run an errand to the nearby 'cellphone' shop to get Lekha's new phone commissioned and by the time I'd returned with partial success, that too, it was a quarter to 12.

          *                                  *                                    *

Before going out, I'd washed down the necessary amount of rice and kept it in a bowl of water to facilitate its softening down. On return, it was put into a pressure cooker and then on to the stove. Time just kept ticking off until I saw a lot of steam coming out from everywhere except the valve. The lid was opened and replaced and this time I'd got it right but in the bargain, delayed our lunch by about 45'. Poor mom was sporting enough and I kept giving her snacks to control her hunger. Meanwhile, Lekha was also back to normal and we'd a lunch - made by me for the first time - that was frugal, yet nice. No, I ain't saying this, how can I pass judgement about my own efforts? This was the feedback from mom and Lekha.

           *                                  *                                    *

The evening tea was also my effort but Lekha was ready and recited the Ramayana, for the day, extending her evening rendition to cover the morning lapse. The walk was invigorating and it was a quiet evening thereafter, with Lekha back in charge of the kitchen, as usual.


All's well that ends well. Phew! Lekha will be meeting the surgeon, at Thrissur, on Friday when my sister will come down from Palakkad to give company to my mom.     

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