Monday, July 11, 2016

On the return leg - at Palakkad.

I'd got up pretty early in the morning and had woken up Lekha around a half past 5 so that we could make our exit by a half past 7. But breakfast and bidding bye to my classmates - though not everyone, because a majority of them had sat through the wee hours, watching the finals of the Euro Cup  - and it did not  matter as we'd said our piece last night itself. Moreover, the parting is always melancholic and I, to the extent feasible, try to keep it as short as possible!

Josekutty had set off earlier, with Louis and Daisy and had dropped them at the airport with just a minute left for the security check to be over for their flight! Louis had confessed that his blood pressure had gone up many a time and he was almost close to being a mental wreck. Anyways, all's well that ends well because they'd reached their house at Bombay before sunset.

Earlier, I'd overtaken him short of Kochi but before entering Kollam town, he'd gone up the fly over near the SN College, prompting me to wonder as to what the short cut was but did not dwell long on it as we're heading for Lekha's friend's petrol pump to top up the Chevy and check the tyre pressure. The primary urge, however, was to ease the bladder!

Lunch was at Alappuzha and the evening tea, at the new coffee parlour, about 15 kms after the main junction at Angamali. Kuthiraan was free of traffic and I could negotiate the stretch without hassles! Finally, we're at my sister's place a half an hour before sunset!

The journey was flawless.


Wasn't mom thrilled to see us back? She's set herself for the take off for Guruvayur tomorrow.     

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