Sunday, July 31, 2016

Why did it happen?

I'm gonna give an instance to show as to how certain youngsters, entrusted with a job, take short cuts and do the bare minimum. It's a time bound tradition that a human being adds frills, to the job at hand, to give it a stamp of his own. It's that extra bit of touch that takes one to the pinnacle of success making him the most sought after!

Every month, I go to a hair saloon close by and the proprietor has always ensured that the pick among them is chosen to style my hair or whatever is left of it, to be precise! After years of wearing caps as part of the uniform, it gets to be irritating when the hair on the sides achieve a bit of length out of the normal and I time my visits accordingly.

This time, I'd timed it a bit earlier and the proprietor had entrusted the job to a newcomer. He's just joined the outfit from his home town of Nilambur where he resides with his father, mother and the paternal grandmother. His father is a barber and has his saloon back home and the remarkable thing about the youngster was that he's a science graduate. He'd started off - on my head - promisingly but finished the job within about a bit over ten minutes which included the shortening of the side growth with a comb and a pair of scissors, the redefining of the extremes with a razor and the clipping of the growth on the ears.

There was no massage, which is part of a haircut as to what I'd described, earlier, as one of the frills. It helps remove the cut hair from the head besides giving the customer a 'nice' feeling by the increased flow of blood in its aftermath!

I ain't the one who gets after a person pointing out his lapses because it's my firm belief that the individual will realise his folly some time or the other. As I paid the proprietor at the reception, I noticed that surprised look on his face on seeing me out so soon. He made polite conversation with me but as I was leaving I heard him shout at the boy who'd styled my hair, "Did you give him a massage? It's mandatory......"

By that time I was out of the saloon. Was sad at the youngster having taken a short cut. What made him do that?.......And I walked back to my house with a strange feeling of having been short changed with the question, "Why did it happen" many times over!


It's the last day of July.

Vibheeshana, the brother of Ravana, visits Rama - he's still on the mainland - who's contemplating his next move to retrieve Sita from Lanka. While Rama's followers are skeptical about his motives, it's Hanuman who puts it in the right perspective by saying that Vibheeshana was indeed Rama's devotee!

Lekha's recital of the Ramayana, over the past 16 days, has brought her to this part of the epic! She has done it despite her difficulties!! Good!!!

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