Monday, August 1, 2016

The beginning of August.

Another August to begin with. The three of us - mom, Lekha and I - were looking forward to this day as Preetha, our maid, was coming back for work after a hiatus of over a month and her absence was felt by us, everyday, for the last so many days. What was nice to know was that she, too, missed coming here all these days!

The sky was overcast most of the day with rains pouring now and then. I could go out for my customary walk in the evening despite the fact that my throat was not all right with the threat of a deadly cough looming large. The results of the lab tests on Lekha were brought in by a half past 10, this morning and we're now ready for her review on the 5th at Kochi.

Our Chevy, at the service station, was ready by 1700 hrs but I decided to collect it tomorrow as I felt lethargic. There was no hurry.

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The gang rape off Bulandshahr has been getting prime time space on the television channels. What saddens me is that those ladies have gone through the ignominy and are being subjected to further mental torture by a few including the obnoxious, Azam Khan, who finds a conspiracy against his party through the incident. Doesn't this guy have a family of his own? What would he have felt if someone were to say the same thing if, god forbid, a similar incident had befallen on someone from his family? Just because he's from a minority community, doesn't mean that he has the licence to utter gibberish. Will this guy ever grow?

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Hafiz Saeed has gone one step further after his latest India bashing, near the Wagah Border, by saying that his terrorist outfit is gonna agitate in Pakistan if our Home Minister, visited Pakistan on 03 - 04 Aug in connection with the SAARC summit. Well, it's up to the Pakistani government to tackle this issue but what amazes me is that Nawaz Sharif, despite our Prime Minister's personal visit - a few months back - to a function at his house, despite our security agencies' misgivings, has not been able to reciprocate the goodwill. Is it because he's afraid of his defence forces? Any meaningful debate that he might like to initiate with India will be misconstrued as weakness in his country which will find reason for another military take over?

Pakistan, in the doldrums on all fronts, has not been able to get off its India-centric foreign policy which is orchestrated by its armed forces. But why are we giving too much of our time discussing Pakistan? Why can't we just blank out that country from our psyche?


I can foresee a lot of travel during the month. Hope the rains are completely over by then!


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