Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Chingam Onnu (The first of Chingam).

And it's the beginning of another new year on the Malayalam calendar. I'd got up early and revived my customary walk after the long break due to the monsoon. It was nice to take in the fresh air and the morning sights that were familiar!

On return, helped mom to go about her morning chores - I'd asked her to delay her getting up by half an hour because of the resumption of my walk - like switching on/off the geyser, her clothes put for wash and the bed sheet out in the balcony for airing. She washes her footwear and the washed pair is placed at a particular spot near her bed so that she can wear it comfortably, on getting ready.

Lekha had gone to the temple for her tryst with Guruvayurappan on the auspicious day!

Meanwhile, my neighbour and I'd gone to our panchayat office to pay up the property tax, as this time we have missed out on the exemption, because we'd submitted our application late, by a few days! Thankfully, there weren't many people in the queue - in fact, we're at the second and third slots, respectively and could return within about 45'.

               *                                 *                                *

I'd called up the Geeyem Motors for my Chevy's servicing after having run over 60,000 km. It's a major one and requires a complete day. It has been booked for tomorrow so that it's ready for the long trip on Saturday, to my dad's house, to attend a wedding. The work of removing the weeds around the rubber saplings has to be undertaken to control their growth, aided by the heavy monsoons that had lashed over the area during the last couple of months. It's an ongoing process and there's no point in lamenting over frequent expenses on that score. The caretaker has been insistent that I visit the place at the earliest to sort out related issues. That work will also get initiated during the trip!


A quiet day otherwise!

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