Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Retrieving my Chevy.

After the usual morning chores, I was out of the house on my way to the service station to collect our Chevy. I'd clubbed a few more jobs and most importantly, handed over mom's prescription to the chemist that I frequent to have her monthly stock of medicines packed up and kept ready for collection by the time I returned.

The journey by the bus was okay but I got caught on the wrong seat with the sun falling directly on me throughout the easterly journey! The Chevy was ready as Manikandan had taken me to show it parked at the test bay. The battery had been changed, the tinkering and paint work that were carried out gave it a spanking new look. The on board computer had been corrected but the front bottom liner was to be set correctly and he'd immediately got a mechanic to do the needful.

Since we've to go to Kochi, for Lekha's medical review on the 5th and the 6th, a total of about 500 kms will be logged for the entire trip. The mandatory servicing after having run 60,000 kms will be carried out after the return........ The return journey was nice with sparse traffic and I'd picked up the medicines enroute.

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Earlier, before I was leaving from the auto rickshaw stand in the morning, one of the drivers, Ramesh, thrust a a speech written by him, to be read by his daughter on the occasion of the Independence Day. He wanted me to translate the Malayalam script into English, "Adding/slashing as you deem fit, sir", he'd said. Now, that's a darned serious stuff and great responsibility that he has thrust upon me!

The little girl is studying in a convent nearby and her school is conducting a competition on the occasion of the Independence Day. Every kid is being asked to read out something on the occasion and her dad has sought the help of yours truly! And that's that!!


The cough thanks to a viral attack has been persistent and harsh. Am on home made remedies.

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