Friday, August 12, 2016

A quiet Friday.

It's a quiet day to begin with. Aniyan, my younger uncle, had arrived by lunchtime after his 'darshan' at the temple. He'd placed a small traditional lamp at the sanctum sanctorum, on behalf of his daughter, as she'd a medical discomfort that has since been sorted out and as usual, he'd brought us a container of the fabled 'paayasam' - he brings it during every visit of his for my mom, ever since she'd asked him right at the start after our settling down here as to why he'd come empty handed!

Meanwhile my friend, Ajith, had called up seeking help. And I also had to pick up medicines for mom and Lekha. Accordingly, after lunch, I'd caught an auto rickshaw to drop Aniyan at the bus stand, placed an order for the 'Mahabhagavatham' for Ajith's friend, whose packaging and parcel will also be taken care of by the Guruvayur Devaswom and bought the requisite medicines. The siesta was correspondingly shortened!

Rema and Achu had arrived by teatime. We're seeing Achu after a long while. It's always worthwhile to hear his office yarns and from what he said, it seems that he's poised for another great break. They're on their way to spend this long weekend with his paternal grandmother. Padmakumar came in by a quarter to 8, as he'd followed them after office hours, by bus.

The evening had become quite noisy and full of conversation eventually getting to be late. They take off by 7, tomorrow morning and have a long day.

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Lekha completed the recital of the Ramayana, this morning, for the season. The chapter that describes the sad action of Rama sending Sita away, when one of his citizens questions her purity, is avoided. That's an unwritten law of the recitation! Meanwhile, my mom continues to do her random recital of a few verses which will go on till the last day of the Ramayana maasam!

What an irony?

Irom Sharmila, the famed  human rights' activist had given up her fast of 16 years, on 09 Aug. Her mother and brother have ridiculed her decision because she'd given up her struggle without seeing the AFSPA withdrawn. They're also not happy about her desire to get married to her friend, Desmond Coutinho, an Indian born British national and to contest elections to become the chief minister of the state.

It's what I call the ultimate irony in that an individual is not allowed to choose her path which is being unfair to the young lady, to say the least! Let me assure you that you're assured of my support - and I'm sure that there are very many others like me - to do your heart's calling. That's your right, Irom Sharmila. Period!


It's gonna be a long, quiet weekend. There's a conglomeration of the defence personnel of the district on the occasion of the Independence Day.

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