Monday, August 22, 2016

Back at 'The Quarterdeck'.

We'd got up leisurely as the appointment with the family advocate was at 11. Accordingly, we'd set off from Raj Nivas by a half past 9 and headed straight for the Ganapathi kshetram to facilitate Lekha to have the 'darshan' while mom and I sat in the Chevy, at the parking space. Since the dawn-to-dusk puja was on, the much awaited sweet meat - 'unniyappam' - was not available.

Both of us, after leaving mom at Lekha's sister's place, had gone to the advocate so that the final writing of the title deed of the property division of Lekha's dad could be finalised. Frankly speaking, it was a nauseating affair to hear the lies spoken to by Lekha's younger brother and sister, for whom she always had a soft corner and had helped many a time, before their marriage! I could feel the deep hurt, their behaviour have caused her. The advocate has taken it upon himself to solve the matter amicably when I told him that the property in question was so small that fighting over it was downright silly and that we're withdrawing from further sittings! To me, the two younger siblings of Lekha have become persona non grata from this day!

After lunch, we'd set off from Kottarakkara for Guruvayur. My mom was quite eager to go to the Kalpakavadi Inn, though it was a bit early for the evening tea! It was only after we reached there that we realised that she'd wanted to go to the toilet. Wonder whether I'd done the right thing by bringing mom all the way on this journey which could be tiring for her. She has complained about pain on her right knee and moves around only with my support but when I hold her firmly, she complains of holding her too tight.

Wonder whether I'm getting too hyper because I'd howled at mom when she refused Lekha's help at the toilet.

We could navigate through the usual choke points of Alappuzha, Kundannoor, Vyttila, Idappalli, Aluva and Angamali without any hitch and it was relieving to hear that the Kundannoor point had a massive traffic jam, soon after we'd traversed it when a tanker lorry had flipped over! But the motorists who got caught in it must have had a tough time!!

Our last stop was at the coffee joint, 20 kms after Angamali, where I'd insisted on mom going around the wash room. Often she refrains from doing so, because the process of getting up, walking up to the point and the return to her seat become laborious, cumbersome and painful. I goad her into it, telling that the delay due to her taking enormous time was acceptable to me.

We reached 'The Quarterdeck' at 2130 hrs and quickly got down to supper, followed by unpacking. By the time I'd seen mom off to bed, it was 2230 hrs.


Three things for tomorrow:-
   (a) Mom's urine sample to the nearby lab see whether the infection has been brought under control
         after a week's antibiotic course.
   (b) Check out on a nurse for mom and
   (c) Fix up with Jimmy Francis, MD to look up mom.             

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