Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Anxious moments....

Had got up on cue - forgot to set the alarm - and went for my customary walk. On return, went up to help mom and she'd come down the stairs with me. She said her prayers at the puja room and after having her morning cup of tea, she was trying to sit down to read the newspaper when the emergency had occurred. She was complaining about the pain on her right knee, when I told her that she'll have to bear it and walk, in a serious and loud voice.

My mom just passed out and started slumping downward. Since I was guiding her walk, I could hold her, break the fall and slowly get her to lie down on the floor. Going through an utter bankruptcy of thought, I'd fetched some cold water and sprinkled it on her face. She was quick to react, saying that she was wet and I and Lekha had picked her up and guided her on to the bed. I cannot explain the relief that had swept over me then.

I called up Jimmy Francis, MD who'd advised her transfer to the casualty of the nearest hospital so that her BP and other parameters could be checked, along with a saline drip, if necessary. He also did give me an option of taking her to the hospital only if her condition was not okay! Further, he'd promised to look her up in the evening.....meanwhile, my mom was fast asleep and about 45' later, passed urine and I'd the sample taken to the hospital's lab for its routine examination, which was anyway due after the 7-day antibiotic course.

By afternoon she was back to normal, had rice gruel for lunch. Jimmy fetched up before he went to his clinic, around 1730 hrs, and examined her thoroughly. Meanwhile, her urine results had also been received which showed that the urinary tract infection was passe. His conclusion was that the blackout was due to the weakness caused by the long stretch of travel over the previous few days but added that she'd be under his observation. He wouldn't take any consultation fee with the words, "Sir, I've come to call on you and befriend you, so how do I take money?" My mom kissed his hand saying that she now has yet another son! But how do I thank Jimmy's large heartedness?

Just goes to show that there's goodness all around and it's people like Jimmy who make this earth worth living! Thanks, Jimmy yet again, you don't realise as to what a great solace you'd been to us today by your words of assurance and genuine concern!! We shall remain indebted!!!


(a) To my query to the doctor as to whether my raised voice had initiated my mom's blackout, he'd said that it had no relevance. Was he putting me at ease, I wonder?

(b) Actually, had expected Jimmy to come after his clinic hours around 2030 hrs and hence, I was washing down my Chevy, in my outdoor rig which I usually wear while doing a rough and tough job, as he drove in. Hope he didn't think that I was taking his visit too casually because I should have been dressed in formals!

(c) Maman had called up from Thiruvananthapuram inquiring about his elder sister's and Lekha's health. It was also to tell me that I should fetch up there by the 28th as Mr. Hamid Ansari, the Vice President of India, was inaugurating the 'Digital Library' initiative of the PN Panicker Foundation, at the Kanakakkunnu Palace, on the 30th.

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