Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Divine Intervention?

The Mridanga Saileswari Temple is an ancient place of worship in Kerala's northern district of Kannur and is situated atop a hillock. The belief among the faithfuls is that one gets whatever one wishes for by visiting the temple and praying there!

Someone had sent me a short audio clip where an ex-DGP had spoken about this temple on What'sApp. The facts that he's divulged, about the strength of the deity, sounds astounding but they were based on incidents that have taken place.

It starts from when he was posted quite a while back at Kannur, in the earlier days. When the worth of the deity was said to have been evaluated at Rs.1 crore, he'd insisted on setting up a tight security cordon around the temple which the local temple administration did not take very seriously. A few years later, the deity was stolen but the police got a note along with the stolen deity in a sack, roughly about a 100 kms, south of the temple, within a short span of time. The thieves had abandoned it, informed the police for an early retrieval and consequently, it was reinstalled back in the temple.

A few years later, the deity was stolen for a second time. It was again abandoned, this time, just about 25 km away and the thieves had left a note giving the exact spot where they'd abandoned it saying that the deity should be installed back at its rightful place. For a second time, the deity was reinstalled with a longish 'puja' ceremony that lasted for about a week.

A similar lost-and-found incident had taken place for the third time with the thieves repeating what their 'predecessors' had done and the deity restored at its original abode. The police were able to apprehend the three sets of thieves after a lapse of time and they're curious to know as to why their behavioural patterns, consequent to the theft, had been identical! The revelation astounded them and this is what had intrigued me too viz.:-

     (a) On moving away from the scene of crime, the thieves lose their sense of direction rendering
           them helpless and scared.
     (b) Their bowel movements get affected because the efficacy of the sphincter muscle is rendered
           useless in each of the culprits.

A case of divine intervention? Was this knowledge the reason for the temple administration's unenthusiastic response to the setting up of the security cordon?


We'd set off for Palakkad soon after lunch around a half past 1. The traffic on the road was sparse and we're at my sister's place before 4, just in time for tea. Rema, meanwhile, had gone to her coaching center!

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