Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Three heists, one after the other.

These are three stories of heist that happened almost one after the other or one can even say, concurrently because of the time overlap. Consider these:-

  (a) The SBI ATM at Althara, Thiruvananthapuram.

        - carried out by an all Romanian gang of four.
        - they'd used a wi-fi device to hack into the bank's server and access the information passed
          between the ATM and server during each transaction.
        - one apprehended by the police while the whereabouts of the remaining not known.
  (b) The Syndicate Bank ATM at Vazhakala, Kochi.

        - carried out by a UP(Ansari) - West Bengal(Mohammed Imran) duo.
        - a failed attempt though, carried out last Saturday.
        - they'd made a similar attempt on another ATM last July and failed.
        - they spray painted the surveillance camera within the ATM to facilitate their deed.
        - Ansari has been apprehended by the police but not before he'd knifed his partner to death as
          he suspected betrayal!

   (c) On board the Madras-bound Trichy Express.

        - happened on Monday night.
        - the train, in one of its carriages, was transporting soiled currency notes worth Rs.342 crores
          from Salem to Madras to be h/o to the RBI.
        - the thieves made off with Rs.5.78 crores mid-journey by cutting the roof of the carriage.
        - the culprits are yet to be apprehended.

My take.

Is it a growing trend? Fraud and theft become the accepted tools for misguided youth to make a quick buck! What they don't realise is that they'd get caught eventually, however much they try to conceal their tracks and their lives are spoiled forever!!


An early morning dash to the nearby hospital to h/o mom's urine sample to understand the effect of the antibiotic that she's been having over the past ten days. It persists, say the results. Tomorrow a sample needs to be given for 'culture' as per the doctor's instructions! Lekha's cough persists but on a lesser intensity!!

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