Thursday, August 4, 2016

At Kochi.

Am punching these thoughts, sitting at the bright and colourful lounge of the PVR Cinema, at the Lulu Mall at Kochi, awaiting the commencement of the film that we're gonna see.

Had got up as usual and went about the morning chores. I wasn't fully in my beans as the cough has been taking its toll over the past few days - the latest form of viral fever this season. I knew that the long drive required for the present assignment is gonna delay the healing process but, then, there was no short cut!

It's raining in the morning as we got ready to leave Palakkad but by the time we'd kicked off soon after breakfast, the rains were holding and we'd a dry passage. There was an initial doubt as to which route we should take as I'd been hearing about traffic slowdowns on the Kuthiraan route because of the ongoing repair work on certain stretches, closer to Thrissur. I didn't want to take a chance and therefore, headed for Guruvayur to press on further on the comparatively narrow NH17. The other reason was that it gave me easy access to Leela chittamma's house without having to get into the crazy traffic of the Ernakulam town!

The drive was nice and we came across occasional rains and the one that lashed while we passed through the temple town of Kodungalloor was the harshest! We're at my chittamma's place a trifle late for lunch but it was fun, breaking bread with one's close relatives, after what seemed to be a long time; in fact the last time that we'd ganged up here was over two years back just before her son, Sajeev, was moving abroad on work.

He's doing well and is currently, on a two month leave that is finishing tomorrow. The family -consisting of his mom, mom-in-law, wife and two children - will get back to its normal routine from tomorrow.

We'd gone out, after dinner, for the Malayalam movie, "White", at the Lulu shopping mall, which is a stone's throw away from my chittamma's place. Well, the great thing was that we'd chittamma coming out of the house after years - thanks to her varicose problem and the knee difficulty.

.........A nice, leisurely day!


Was it right to have spent the evening with them? Did they wish to spend the evening with Sajeev on his penultimate day at home before he went for his assignment? I'd not checked on that aspect of 'intrusion' on my part.....the duffer, that I am!        

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