Sunday, August 7, 2016

A memorable call!

It was yet another leisurely day. We're ready well within time and raring to go. This morning's pleasant work for us was to call on an 85 yr old lady, who's Saly's mom. We'd heard about her travails from Jojy and Saly after her return from Dubai, where she was with her son and his family.

The roads were comparatively devoid of traffic and hence our journey was smooth, without any hitch whatsoever! To our pleasant surprise, we saw a very lively lady who was eager to interact with us and she was sure that Lekha was one of the young girls that had grown up in the vicinity of her daughter's house! She gave me one of those rare smiles when I'd told her that she was beautiful - and no ain't pulling a fast one, she's indeed cute and during her heydays must have been quite a head turner!

Her son, his wife and their daughter were in accompaniment and it was a pleasure meeting the entire family. We left the place after spending more than an hour but the persona of the old lady was impressionable! Do we have a cosmic connection?

        *                                          *                                          *

We'd picked up lunch enroute from a favourite haunt. Back at home, it was reminiscences about the good 'ole times......... The smiling visage of the old lady continued to linger all through the day.

        *                                          *                                          *

There's this story of a mother who's worried about her daughters, in their late 20s, for not having found suitable boys for them to be married to. The fact remains that these take place at the time and space that they're intended to happen. Any amount of worrying can be of no help but I suppose when these things happen for the others, with seemingly relative ease, the apprehensions tend to rise. As good friends the hope that things will finally end up favourably needs to be continuously bolstered!


It's another quiet day.

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