Monday, August 8, 2016

Back to Guruvayur via Palakkad.

We'd got up early in the morning and went about our chores with gusto as it was gonna be a long day. After bidding farewell to Saly and li'l Shanaya, who're waiting for the latter's school bus, we'd headed straight for Lekha's dentist. Benoy, my man from our Kollam outfit meanwhile, had fetched up with the pay cheques of the outfit's personnel that were to be countersigned, as they'd to be paid by the mid month.

The first co-ordinated act went off like clockwork. The dentist has given the next appointment on the 27th for remaking the dental furniture. He told us about a new ailment that he was doing research on. Many people complain about a migraine-like pain, take medication as prescribed by their doctors without actually knowing the root cause and learn to live with the discomfort as there's no change, obviously. As per his findings - he's done two courses related to it, one in the US too and is left with the third and the last - the pain could be because of unequal pressures on the muscles caused by prolonged chewing with uneven/faulty teeth that manifests in the form of head aches. He is, incidentally, only the third dental surgeon in the world, who's a super specialist on the subject!

My sister, Rema, has been having this problem over a while and I did tell him about her. He's gonna look at her dentures on the same day when Lekha meets him next!

We'd taken off for Palakkad soon after. The journey was fine, rains were holding during the majority of the passage and I'd decided to get through the Kuthiraan route this time - Jojy had checked it out with a colleague of his, for me, earlier - which gave me the confidence. We're at my sister's place by lunch time and our plan was to take off for Guruvayur soon after. But that was not to be! Lekha'd developed severe stomach cramps and she was given a tablet, as recommended by her doctor, on such occasions. We, eventually, left by a half past 3 when the pain had subsided.

Mom also has a red colouration in her left eye that was brought about when her finger had brushed accidentally, sometime earlier in the day. The journey was uneventful and we reached 'The Quarterdeck' before 5, passing through uncomplicated traffic!

Lekha's cough has been a cause of continuous worry and this evening it seems to have aggravated - probably because of the last five days of hectic activity, late night sleep and travelling in the air conditioned environs of the car. Will monitor her for tomorrow with home remedies and if it doesn't subside, she'll be taken to the nearby clinic run by an interesting doctor couple - a Mallu medical specialist and a Sardarni radiologist! And mom will be shown to the ophthalmologist, next door!!

It's nice to be back.....


Distance driven during this phase of outing.......583.6 km! And Lekha'd kept up her recital of the Ramayana all through, without any break!!


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