Thursday, August 11, 2016

Adieu Sindhu's mom.

Sindhu's mom and a senior master of our school, Madhavan Nair sir's wife, all of 79 years, passed into the mist of time this afternoon. I'd spoken to her son-in-law and classmate, Suresh Laxman, on seeing the message on our What'sApp group. This was what he'd to say.

A couple of days back, she'd undergone a battery of tests at the Military Hospital and her medicines tweaked to control the high blood sugar count. Last night, Madhavan Nair sir had called up one of their relatives, a doctor and diabetologist, regarding her medical condition. Accordingly, she'd gone to the hospital, where he works, for observation and further checks. "She'd walked into the car and seemingly showed no signs of discomfort." Another set of tests were carried out and the doctor had decided to put her on insulin to control the rise in sugar count. Subsequent to it, she'd gone off to sleep perhaps, due to tiredness! Around 1430 hrs, the monitors showed total inactivity and the doctor didn't take much time to confirm the worst.

Did she see her end coming? Looks like it. She'd cleared her table and written her will, a fortnight back! Her cremation is gonna take place, tomorrow, at a half past 12. The Nairs have three children, a daughter and two sons.

..........Takes me back in time, to those halcyon days at school. I didn't have the privilege of knowing Sindhu's mom, well, unlike many of my classmates who stayed on in the No.2 Dormitory whose House Master was the mercurial Madhavan Nair sir, while I'd moved out to become a Prefect and then, a House Captain. From all accounts, she was like a mother for everyone.

But I'd made up for it during the last few years while staying with Suresh and Sindhu during our trips to Thiruvananthapuram(Usually, we stay with my relations when we go there in connection with the Foundation's work or family related activities and for the rest, it's with the Laxmans!) When I'd touched her feet along with sir's, I told her that sir was incomplete without her and her surprise turned to a warm smile, that was her trade mark and I remember sir, too, gave me an indulgent smile.

During our last meeting, she'd promised to come to Guruvayur along with the others on our invite and that will remain an unfulfilled promise.

RIP Sindhu's mom! Our tears and prayers. We shall miss your smiling presence when we reach there next. Here's wishing Sindhu and Suresh the strength to tide over these stressful times.


Mom's urine sample was collected and handed over to the hospital lab for 'culture'. The results are expected on Saturday when the antibiotic to be administered will be decided.

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