Friday, August 26, 2016

An uneasy Friday.

Had got up at 6, only to find that my mom was lying wet on her bed but fast asleep. Despite my getting up every hour last night, I could not be of much help to her. While Lekha was giving her a bath, the soiled clothes were removed and necessary actions were taken. My mom looked listless and weak. I was beginning to wonder as to whether I was on the right track regarding my decisions thus far. Should I take her to the hospital nearby, I wondered.

Accordingly, I'd called up the administrator, Pradeep Kumar of the nearby hospital, who wanted me to get her there within an hour as they're proceeding to attend the wedding of a staff member. Then I'd called up Jimmy Francis who asked me as to whether I was keen to show my mom to an orthopaedic guy because of the pain on her right leg. I'd to tell him that I wasn't sure.

And then I'd called up Mathew Abraham, her doctor. I told him three things and the course of the conversation went something like this:-

  - "Doctor, the tests that you'd wanted mom to go through have been done and the results say that
     there's nothing wrong.
  - But she continues to be listless and weak.
  - She's asked me to convey to you that there are too many tablets for her to consume which needs
     to be reduced."

He was quick to reduce the dosages of Sallaki 600 and Megafree Flex to once a day from the twice
a day frequency. He was pretty sure that her weakness was due to the long journey, that she'd undertaken, while undergoing the antibiotic course! .........She, meanwhile, was slowly showing signs of improvement!

Rema, my sister, had arrived from Palakkad by teatime and the mere sight of her brought my mom back to near normalcy. So, that was the antidote, after all.

Meanwhile, another emergency had popped up. Oil from the engine of my Chevy was dripping and it's happening soon after the 60,000 km-service which was not acceptable. I'd called up the Geeyem Motors about it, asked  for its rectification as I'd to take Lekha for her appointment with the dentist at Kochi, tomorrow morning. Their emergency team was at my place much before I'd returned from my walk and the problem was licked. Actually, it's the excess oil that had spilled on to the shield beneath the engine! It was an error on their part, make no mistake about it. Anyway, all's well that ends well.

The dinner was boisterous and my mom was back in her ebullient self. Well, what else did I need after the depressing times that I went through earlier in the day?


And it was good news at 9. Women have been allowed into the sanctum sanctorum of the Haji Ali Dargah in Bombay by its High Court!

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