Sunday, August 14, 2016

Inner thoughts.......

1. Just for a medicine.

Finally, was able to salvage the situation and manage two of the seven antibiotic tablets for mom's infection as ordered by the doctor. On occasions like this, Guruvayur can turn out to be a one-horse-town! Let me take you through a recap on mom's requirement......

     - Mom reviewed by her doctor, on 27 Jul, who puts her on Niftas(1 OD) for 10 days for her
       infection and report to him with a urine RE after the course.
     - The result show that there's no substantial change. He asks for a culture.
     - Accordingly, the culture report was shown to a nearby physician who gave her suggestions.
       The doctor was informed about it who recommended a 7 day course of Zanocin OD.
     - Getting the tablets seemed to be a Herculean task and the chemist that I frequent, has promised
        to get them for me by Monday.
     - Got two tablets from a chemist at the padinjaare nada(The western gate) which frankly, I'd least
     - So, the course was begun as per the doctor's instructions.

.......Hope I'm able to get the remaining tablets on Monday!

      *                                   *                                     *

2. Dipa Karmakar.

What does one say about this unlucky young lady? The passion was there..the fire was there....the focus was there......yet she comes fourth, missing the medal by a whisker! Rest assured Dipa, you shall rule our hearts for years to come. Your feat is extraordinary!! All Indians will pray for you in your future endeavour because you've become part of folklore!!!

      *                                    *                                     *

3. The Olympic fiasco.

Why does the Indian Olympic teams always end up in the fourth position, missing medals by a whisker? Some say that we lack the fighting spirit.....some others say that we give up easily...some say that the best sportsmen are never chosen because of rank corruption in our sports bodies.

I happened to read an article on why India lacked sportsmen of world class in the Chinese print media. These are the reasons it says:-

      (a) Lack of infrastructure and state-of-the-art training facilities.
      (b) The information about the Olympics is not passed on to the rural masses.
      (c) Our obsession for the game of cricket and
      (d) The reluctance to pursue sports as a career because of an excessive insistence upon the
            children to take up medicine, engineering, IT etc by their parents and nothing else.

I tend to agree with all the points and would like to add that corruption also be added as a major curse. I mean, I just can't understand as to why Sharad Pawar should be a cricket administrator or VK Malhotra, the head of the Archery discipline!


I've taken my tricolour out of the safe. It has been ironed and kept ready for hoist tomorrow morning, at 0800 hrs, on the occasion of the 70th Independence Day.

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