Saturday, August 20, 2016

At Raj Nivas, from The Quarterdeck.

Our day had begun at 0430 hrs. Mom, Lekha and I were ready by a quarter to 7 and we left soon after. The traffic was sparse being a Saturday morning. We reached our favourite jaunt, at Paliyekkara, for breakfast. The security guard, Nair, received us with the warmth that he's associated with. Left the place after half an hour but not before wishing Nair an advance 'happy onam' along with a small token of our love.

The passage through Ernakulam and Alappuzha was okay but the highway was bad at many stretches which marred the enjoyment of driving. Lunch was at the Kalpakavadi Inn and the manager looked after us and catered to our needs in his usual affable manner. After spendind a little over half an hour with our lunch and sending replies to a few of the accumulated messages on What'sApp, we're on the final leg to Kottarakkara. After reaching  there, the car was parked at the earmarked space amidst the massive influx of vehicles and Lekha set off for getting a few urgent things done like getting mom's gold chain repaired, buying necessary ingredients for tea at her sister's place, the big bananas for Pidavoor amma, which she fond of and to recharge our dish TV.

Tea at Latha's place was a pleasant affair. Little Pran has grown up further and came into my arms without hesitation. After spending an hour there, we were off to look up Pidavoor amma. She looked frail and weak after her recent fall but was quite happy to meet all of us and mom held her hand almost throughout the time that we're there. She went back to lying down on her bed but insisted upon my helping her to sit up, despite the presence of Ramachandrettan and Bharathi chechi, her elder son and daughter! Her eyes had welled up when Lekha'd told her to be careful and then she hugged my mom. She stood with folded hands, praying for a safe journey ahead as we drove off.

We reached home a trifle after sunset, in time to light the evening lamp at the puja room. Coming back to dad's house is a nice feeling as always. The good 'ole times come in torrents except for the sad fact that many of them who'd made it possible now viewed us from their photographs that adorn the walls.


Despite all the efforts, the television failed to come on due to an error in the electronic card. One can't get everything right, huh?

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