Wednesday, August 31, 2016

This is what sportsman spirit is all about!

Yogeshwar Dutt, we're proud of you!

 * India's wrestler, Yogeshwar Dutt's 2012 Olympics bronze medal was set to be upgraded to silver.
 * Russian Basi Kudukhov had won it but was tested positive for a banned substance after test.
 * Yogeshwar had lost to Kudukhov in the pre quarters of the London Olympics but reached the
    repechage round where he managed to emerge victorious in three different rounds to win the
 * But he'd a miserable show at the Rio Olympics.
 * Was returning home without a medal when he got the news of the upgrade.
 * He praised the Russian for being a quality wrestler and asked his family to keep the medal.
 * Kudukhov died in 2013 in a car accident.
 * Yogeshwar says that human feelings are paramount to him!

Yogeshwar, take a bow. My salute to you for being a good human being.    

        *                                       *                                          *

The journey by the Volvo bus of the road transport corporation was nice. Since I'd hopped on the bus at the last minute, I'd got seat no.43 the left window sider of the last row. The suspension of the vehicle is good and therefore, the rough rides that the bus was taking, thanks to bad roads, were not passed on to the passenger! The places that I'd passed by, on the reciprocal only yesterday, were hurtling behind at a fantastic speed. The stop at the Ernakulam bus stand, around 2 AM was the longest and lasted for about half an hour. We'd reached Thrissur at 4 and the first bus towards Guruvayur was only at 5 and therefore, I'd ample time to read through the accumulated mail and send replies from my laptop! It's fruitful time spent.

The limited stop fast passenger had reached the Little Flower College gate at 0530 hrs and all I'd to do was to take that small walk to my house which marked the end of the eventful short trip!

          *                                        *                                          *

Rema was seen off at 0945 hrs from the nearby stop. Her presence was a great help for us and for mom, in particular. Mom is much better and by this evening's dosage of the Syndopa Plus, she's on three tablets a day, for the Parkinson's Syndrome.


Rema had said that she'd walked up the stairs to her bedroom, enthusiastically, last night but it took an awfully long time for her to come down, earlier this morning. There seemed to be a hesitation and a fear of falling that caused it. She'll get around that, too, shortly, I'm sure!

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