Thursday, September 1, 2016

A listless Thursday!

The day had begun on a dull note with threatening rains and missed visits by guys who'd promised to come to effect repairs on the electrical/plumbing side as well as masonry work in the kitchen. What irritated me was that one of the guys even avoided answering the calls, which he was not supposed to do! One was not going to do something drastic if he'd called up to say that he wouldn't be coming due to some work/issue that had cropped up all of a sudden!

Mom continued to be listless and helpless. Jimmy Francis, MD had come by after teatime to look her up and I'd a list of observations jotted down on a scribble pad to ensure that I didn't miss out on any of them. His verdict drove home the message that her Parkinson's Syndrome to be brought under control, needed an extra dosage of the Syndopa Plus! And I'd stoutly resisted the raising of dosage with Mathew Abraham, the neuro-physician, during the month of April as I thought it to be an over reaction on the part of the doctor because my mom looked perfectly okay!

The dosage has since been increased to a tablet, each, thrice a day over the last month with a ten day observation after each increase. Jimmy Francis, now says that it has to be further raised to a tablet each, four times a day! That would be a bit harsh and what frightens me are the following prospects:-

    (a) The syndrome can only be controlled and the rate of deterioration slowed, by medicines.
    (b) A time will reach when medicines start losing their influence and the condition of the patient
          deteriorates drastically.

Only wish that mom pulls back to her usual self with the present increase in dosage over the next few days. Our maid has taken on the job of giving her a bath every morning which she has grudgingly approved.

The next few days are gonna be crucial.


Lekha showed me a developing oedema on both her legs. Padmanabha Shenoy, her doctor, had reluctantly reduced the intake of Folitrax from 17.5 mg to 12.5 mg every Saturday, due to her abdominal pains. Jyoshid, the plastic surgeon, had told her that an oedema had to be prevented, at any cost, for her graft to remain in position!

That's the dilemma I'm in. Anyway, I'm gonna give her the previous dosage of Folitrax this Saturday! I'm a doctor, sans the degree, by virtue of my vast(?) experience, you see!

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