Saturday, September 17, 2016

Adieu Chetta!

Today I'd got up along with the alarm and was ready well in time. Mani and I'd performed the ceremony and placed the offering ahead of the usual time. The crows and the sparrows were ready for it. Did I see the woodpecker? Not quite sure.

The forenoon had passed off uneventfully. Suma kunjamma was at hand, regaling us with her stories while being actively involved in the activities of the kitchen! She left by the Saranya bus at 1630 hrs and had reached Thiruvananthapuram about 21/2 hours later.

Unni, Balu and Kochunni - Appukuttan kochachhan's sons - drove in from Thiruvananthapuram to spend time with us and Unni chettan had also come by. He told everybody the reason for having skipped his brother's daughter's wedding. During her betrothal, he had walked across to his brother's house and pressed the bell, to partake in the proceedings. Somebody had asked as to who it was at the bell and the soon-to-be-bride said it rather loudly, "O, it's that man from the house next door". 

His niece's indifferent 'description about him' put him off and he quietly retraced his steps back to his house. He, then, decided to opt for his medical review on the date of her wedding and had thus, remained absent raising many an eye brow of the neighbourhood!

...........Our guests left soon after, giving me just enough time to wash, change and light the wick at mom's urn of ashes! Sasi, from our neighbourhood, had dropped by and it was while chatting with him that my neighbour at Guruvayur had called me to inform us that the 90 year old Hariyettan of the Warriath House had passed away about fifteen minutes earlier! He was in the ICU of the Rajah Hospital for serious respiratory disorder during the previous 24 hrs.

The old man was an ex Co-operative Banker, extremely active for his age by overseeing agricultural activities like the plucking, counting and selling of coconuts of his farm, engaging tractors to plough the field and was currently involved in reducing the extent of a natural water tank! He used to move around with his short bamboo walking stick and drop by at our house, along with his wife, quite often to chat with mom and us. A kind gentleman, who was quite fond of the 'Captain and his wife' in his neighbourhood!

When we'd left our house on 04 Sep, they're away at Kozhikode for an ayurvedic treatment for him. On their return upon hearing about my mom's passing away, I've been told that he was deeply affected!

RIP, Chetta! My tears and prayers!! Here's wishing that Chechi and your children have the strength to pass through these stressful times!!!


(a) Did the news of my mom's passing away dampen your enthusiasm to live, Chetta?

(b) Deaths in each of the three houses of the Warriath Garden, within a short span of it a cosmic interlude, I wonder?

(c) The caretaker, Vijayan, stayed with us after Sasi's exit and told us about his feelings for my parents!   

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