Monday, September 26, 2016

A few other happenings........

Met Subha - one of the officers and very efficient - at the bank, when I'd gone to transfer over Rs.14 grand into our caretaker's account as work was underway to remove the weeds/grass around the rubber trees. Had not seen her last week when I'd told Jayakumar, the Manager, about my mom's passing away. She'd made it a point to come across to me when I broke the news. There were instant tears in her eyes and she barely managed to say that she's shocked and sad. Siva, the accountant and yet another well wisher was also attentive and had expressed his sorrow.

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Ramesh, the auto rickshaw guy, had come to me to excitedly report that his little daughter had got the first prize for the Independence day elocution. The speech that the young one had presented in front of an audience, on the occasion, had fetched her the coveted prize. I queried as to why he had delayed this information, feeling sad that mom had missed the glad tidings. She'd read through my effort then and chipped in with her ideas! He has said that he'd get his daughter to us one of these days!!

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Meanwhile, the body of the late Haridas Menon of the Warriath House has been reduced to ashes in the cremation pit at the backyard of his ancestral house. We can see the spot from our house. Tomorrow is his 'sanchayanam' when the ashes will be collected for immersion in the sea at Panchavati, a few kilometers from here.

I dunno whether it's a coincidence. Death has visited all the three houses of the Warriath parambu/garden. First it was Asha's dad, more than a month earlier and he was 92 years of age. Then was mom, followed two weeks later by the Warriath chettan, who was 91. Mom was the youngest of the three, at 81!

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Had called up Dr. Gopalachary, the dentist, who'd removed mom's problem creating molar, a year back. He was stunned hearing about mom and recalled as to how simple, elegant and so full of life she was! So were Sobhini and her daughter, Seena, who'd carried out a regimen of ayurveda massage for three weeks, almost two years ago. Mom had the treatment discontinued after the third week - it was to go on for 41/2 weeks - as she didn't find the massage with the hot oils comfortable! They'd recalled her pleasant demeanour and outgoing nature. I'd met the comrade - the local CPI leader who'd visited our house many a time - during my walk when I informed him about mom's passing away. He recalled his last conversation with her when she was quite eloquent about her father! The bakery owner seemed to be equally bewildered with the news and could, then, understand my long absence in the past weeks.


Had a long chat late, this evening, with my cousin Reshmi and her husband, Suresh who has been diagnose with oral cancer below the left molar on the lower jaw. I hope I've been able to pep them up enough.......tomorrow he needs to undergo another test after which, the doctor will ascertain the exact date of surgery.


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