Wednesday, September 7, 2016

I'm yet to shed tears for mom!

The morning had begun at 0530 hrs for me, today. I was ready to kick off the ceremony but Mani was late by about 20', as usual!

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The immortal lines from Poonthaanam's 'Njaanappaana' was wafting through the loudspeakers of a nearby temple. Its famous line highlighting the fallibility of life viz. "Kandu kandennirikkum janangale kandillennu varuthunnathum bhawan.".......Roughly translated, the people who are seen around cease to be seen, courtesy you, my Lord! 

So very appropriate to the occasion!!

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A crow sat in attendance on the mango tree, right at the beginning, unlike what it was during the past two days. I was thrilled and Mani kept repeating to it that it would be provided food shortly. It followed us to the spot where I'd left the day's offering and swooped in for its feed, leaving us thrilled!

Actually, the crows had taken a couple of days to realise that food was available at this spot and from now on, they'll come every morning till the last day or even beyond till they realise that the source of food has ceased to exist!

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Vishnu and Benoy, of the JSS, Kollam, had come with the documents for my signatures. They should now be able to pay the salaries to our team, before Onam and after the return of the Director, from Delhi, tomorrow.

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I realise that I haven't shed tears for my mom as yet, wonder why? Is it because I was privy to the extreme agony that she was going through while at the ICU? Her sideways glance at me when I called out to her to fight it out, haunts me still, as I stood helpless without being of any support to her at that critical juncture.


1. The medical practitioner from the nearby Athira Clinic, who'd helped my parents with their minor medical ailments in the past, had dropped by to offer his condolences. It was he who said that mom must have undergone a breakdown of the central nervous system and consequentially, suffered multiple organ failures within a short period - a medical situation, often faced by elderly people! He was voluble in his admiration for my mom's stoic nature and sense of humour.

2. Ammu, Lekha and Sanil had gone to Ayur in the afternoon, to look up Sanil's mom who has been depressed and sad after seeing the lifeless body of my mom last Sunday. Enroute, Ammu had gone into the post office at Kottarakkara to post a letter to one of mom's admirers and in the process met Unni, the postman, whose first stint was with my mom, years back. Perhaps, this meeting was ordained by her to ensure his presence this Sunday, when the 7th day ceremony takes place! 

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