Sunday, September 18, 2016

A fortnight without mom.

Into the 14th day without mom. Life has lost its lustre. Can't still believe that she's reached a level from where she'll never respond!

Mani was on time and together, we'd gone through yet another cycle. He has gotten to be close and it would be his swansong, when we finish the 15th day's 'bali' tomorrow. He has already taken permission to call me up whenever he wanted. Today, yet again, the crows and the birds swooped in after a half past 7 - mom's tea drinking time till the very day she took her flight to eternity!

Rema, Mini, Lekha and I went through to minute details about mom's last days - her winsome ways, adamant stands, friendly overtures to strangers, the insistence of shutting the doors and the drawing of the curtains every evening after I was back from my walk and so many other things that were the hallmarks of the dynamic personality that was Chandramathykutty Amma! Life at 'The Quarterdeck' is gonna be difficult where her strong presence will be missed......

The only satisfaction - for whatever its worth - would be that she was so full of life in that house till that fateful Sunday, when I'd coaxed her to visit the hospital and the both of us had set off in the ambulance. The aftermath has already been narrated and we'd sped in the freezer ambulance to Raj Nivas from the premises of the hospital to facilitate mom's tryst with dad as she'd desired. As I sit punching the keys of my laptop, she views me from her lively photograph across and seems to have understood by now, as to why I spend 'so much time on the computer!'

.....My younger uncle, Krishna Kumar, had fetched up by sunset as we lit the wick for mom's ashes. It was nice to catch up with him after the last few days. He'd taken pains to get us some tapioca from his backyard and a bottle of fresh mango pickle made by his wife!


The tragic death of 17 Indian soldiers, in an army unit located at Uri, thanks to a Fidayeen attack, is sad news. It's high time that we bloody nosed the Pakistanis for their unacceptable behaviour! I salute the brave and my heart goes out to the families of the martyrs. My tears and prayers!!

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