Friday, September 16, 2016

Another of those quiet days.

Had heard the alarm go off at a quarter past 5, but knowing that it was a bit early, I'd decided to stay on bed a while longer. Soon enough, I was back in deep slumber but the alarm clock in my body did wake me up and I found that it was a half past 5! I'd gone through the paces of my routines and bath but found that Mani had already fetched up.

Seeing me breeze towards him, he'd asked me to relax when I told him that I considered his time to be precious and therefore, not to be frittered away. His reaction gladdened me, when he said that not very many thought on similar lines! The crows and the birds took a while to swoop in on the offering....and when they finally did, it was beyond a half past 7!! Mani's explanation, "Sir, they'll come at the same time when your mom usually broke her fast". He'd a point because mom used to have her tea and rusks around that time.

Lekha was poised to go to Kottarakkara to get a few jobs done and buy some things but the plan had to be postponed for tomorrow as most of the shops remained closed on the occasion of the 'Chathaya Dinam', today. Calls were a plenty but Gopi, Sanil's cousin from Delhi, and his brother Santhakumar started the long train before they're off to the ENT specialist in the neighbourhood who fondly remembered mom having visited him, years ago.

The caretaker, Vijayan's family gave us a trip down memory lane by their visit in the evening. Syamala, Usha, Muthu, her husband, Madhu and daughter, Bhadra along with their sister, Sreedevi's - she's at work in Dubai - daughter, Sreelekshmi gladdened us with their bonhomie and a host of anecdotes from the past - mom being the central character, all the way.

Syamala stayed on with us for the lighting of the wick at the buried urn carrying mom's ashes at the stroke of sunset.


Another day gone, one more day closer to leave for 'The Quarterdeck' and I ain't enthusiastic because Amma is here!  

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