Tuesday, September 6, 2016


1. Why didn't the crows fetch up?

I was up and awake by a half past 4. Sleep was comfortable but I'd got on with my chores to be on time for the ceremony, scheduled to start at 6. Mani fetched up late by about 20', was profusely apologetic and without much ado, had begun with the proceedings. The cooking of the rice on a makeshift stove of stones, mixed thoroughly with milk and curd for the offering, was rolled into three differing balls and placed on a banana leaf. Clapping with my wet hands, the crows were invited to pick up the balls of rice but alas, none had come.

Mani's explanation, "Sir, these days the population of the crows is dwindling. Don't worry!" To me it was a source of mirth but I controlled my reactions with a poker face. This guy, definitely, has a good sense of humour!

But the fact was that the crows didn't fetch up and it was the same case yesterday, too! But some thing or the other had kept me occupied and I hadn't monitored the subsequent disposal of the offerings! ...........Is mom's soul unhappy?

2. A train of people.

There was a train of people today, who'd expressed various shades of emotions at the passing away of my mom and there was a thread of connectivity through each of their narrations simply proving the larger-than-life persona of Chandramathykutty Amma, the eldest daughter of the legendary PN Panicker and wife of the quiet yet resolute KK Nair. Here are a few sound bytes:-

  (a) Rajan. He was my mom's campaign manager when she'd stood for the panchayat elections
        in 2005. Teary eyed, he still considers that the verdict - she'd lost by a paltry 9 votes - was
        unfair. He recalled as to how she'd cared for each of her team and insisted that they wouldn't
        resort to foul means to win. He remembers her speeches laden with humour and full of reason.

  (b) Gopala Panicker. The 85 year old gentleman used to tap our rubber trees once upon a time and           escort my dad on his trips/errands whenever amma was not accompanying him. He was shocked         that his prediction about a break in her life line would come true, too fast!

  (c) Thaazhvara Gopi sir. 72 year old ex-school teacher had begun as a young lad, in his late teens,
        with PN Panicker while he was trail blazing the Library Movement. They used to pay numerous
        visits to Raj Nivas and he talks of the hospitality provided at the house by 'Amma'.


Venu and Molly had come to offer their condolences. There were many others who'd called, sent messages and mail expressing their sadness at her passing away.


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