Saturday, September 3, 2016

A hazy Saturday!

The day had begun on a dull note with rains pitter pattering in the morning. Something deep within me seemed to be apprehensive over something that I couldn't put my finger on. Mom was okay but not okay, either. Just waiting for Jimmy's advice on the new dosage of the Syndopa Plus that he's gonna do on Monday, on return from Kumarakom!

Of late, she has this habit of dozing off if not engaged in conversation but otherwise joined Lekha and me in all our activities. We spoke but not as voluble as before.

I'd gone to the town to pull out some money from the ATM and buy medicines for us. When I'd returned mom was wanting to know as to where I'd been because she wanted me to be around her all the time.

A lunch followed by siesta and we're together for tea when mom relished her biscuit and I was glad that she was back to being her normal self. When I went out for my walk she'd asked me to return before the rains fell. She was also not happy that I'd gone to my neighbour for happy hours.

Back by 2115 hrs, she was pretty unhappy with me for being away. I could mollify her and had promised to sleep in her room so that she didn't have to fear the night!


A hazy day, with plenty of butterflies in my stomach. Wonder why?

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