Thursday, September 29, 2016

Finally, India has done it!

In a daring and audacious move, the commandos of the Para Special Forces, along with the ground troops of the Indian Army, conducted raids causing great destruction to terror camps, terrorists-in-waiting to infiltrate into India and the Pakistani military men guarding them, deep within Pakistani territory.

The 'surgical strikes' had commenced around 0030 hrs when our commandos had crossed the Line of Control, launched their attacks at 0230 hrs on seven terrorist launch pads located in the hilly, thickly forested terrain located about 1.5 to 6.5 kms deep within Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir and returned home, before sunrise sans casualties, except for two cases of minor injuries. The camps were altitudes between 2,000 and 6,000 ft. 

Most of us had got fed up over a period of time, over sickening reports of terrorists attacking army posts/civilians areas at will and in the process of retaliation/overcoming the terrorists lose our fine army men. The government of the day used to raise the details of the raids on international fora, hand over clinching evidence to the Pakistani government but to no avail. There weren't official condemnation even from the countries, who're supposed to be good friends, with Pakistan having the last laugh at being let away every time. 

The surgical strikes have stunned the Pakistanis, for sure. Their reactions subsequent to the operations clearly expose the complete disarray and the loss of face. In that country, the armed forces is looked up in awe and it's that organisation that has taken the beating. It can't confirm or deny the strikes because it has always maintained that there were no terror camps on its soil. The Pakistanis who had come on the various news channels - for panel discussions, today - were either hysterical or incoherent!

It's known knowledge that the Pakistanis are bad losers. It can come up with the dirtiest of tricks, in retaliation, to salvage its lost pride(What pride can a country, which uses terrorism as state policy, have, I wonder?). So we cannot afford to lower our guard and must stay fully prepared to neutralise any of its misadventure!  

My salutes to the Indian Army for its professionalism in carrying out successful operations in copybook style! It just shows the tremendous teamwork, attention to detail from intelligence gathering over a period of time and the tremendous love for the country!! And kudos to the government for the apt and courageous decision making.

Proud to be an Indian!


An insight into the Pakistani terror modules.

(a) The Indian Army is aware of 40-50 terrorist training camps operating in Pakistan. There are
      apparently three kinds of camps - those for recruitment, training and launching attacks.
(b) The recruitment camps in PoK exist between Muzaffarabad and Lahore.
(c) Training, here, lasts 30 - 35 days.
(d) From here, the brainwashed young men are sent to other camps to learn about arms, navigation
      radio telephony.
(e) The launching camps have 10 - 30 terrorists, including handlers and instructors.

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