Saturday, September 24, 2016

The saffron surge.

The BJP's, two day, national council meeting at Kozhikode saw the surge of the saffron party, in the state, over the past years. That Modi's presence at the centre has contributed a great deal towards this factor is undisputed but the aspects of good governance during his tenure need to become discernible. How much of the enthusiasm and public support, that were on display, will convert themselves into votes needs to be seen. The party president's statement that the BJP will rule the state after the next elections seems to be, an ambitious target, not achievable under the prevailing circumstances! Perhaps, a realignment of political parties can swing it around as it's in a state of flux with the Congress, badly mauled by factionalism and the LDF's partners speaking in different tunes!

The Prime Minister's first public reaction to the terrorist at the Uri base certainly was statesmanlike, in that, he did not endorse the demand on the social media on waging a war with Pakistan to avenge the killings. His, 'Uri won't be forgotten, calling Pakistan to fight a war on poverty, unemployment and illiteracy with a firm resolve to do everything possible to isolate that country diplomatically', must be considered as a statesmanlike restraint despite the pressures on him from certain quarters to go gung ho!.......I suppose this is what democracy is all about!!

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There's yet another instance of a shootout by a gunman, in a crowded mall in Seattle, Washington on Friday evening. Such incidents seem to be on the rise in the land of plenty. Doesn't it go to prove that people of different cultures can conglomerate together in distant lads to pursue their professional dreams but never bother to integrate with the other communities or the locals? It's a dangerous trend because isolation between communities/races can lead to tensions that can flare up at the slightest provocation.......which is what the case is in all these unfortunate and tragic incidents.

I can recall two incidents that I was party to back here, in India. The first was in Pune, when four north Indian youth(Could be easily made out by the language that they used.....) pounced upon two locals and thrashed them badly at a traffic junction. I was restrained from going out to provide aid to the victim, by my friend, saying that these sort of fights keep taking place every now and then, a result of the huge migrant population in the IT sector who never bother to integrate with the local populace. I must hasten to add that the refusal to integrate is attributable to both the sides!

The second incident was while I was at Bangalore. An incident, similar to the one that I'd encountered at Pune, was enacted and the elderly couple, who were with me lamented that, "Bangalore was not the same as it used to be in the past!"


Development and wealth without the enlightenment of the minds do not augur well. I'm sure that there will be a way out when each one accepts the other as an equal and narrow divisions by virtue of race/religion/region will ultimately be dumped!    

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