Monday, September 12, 2016

The crowd is dwindling!

This morning, Raj Nivas was agog with activity from a half past 3. My sisters were busy packing breakfast and lunch for the team, consisting of Sanil, Achu and Ammu, poised to leave for Bangalore in Mini's car. The distance to be covered was about 670 kms through Punalur, Shencottai, Rajapalayam, Thirumangalam, Salem, Hosur to Gottigere, at Banagalore.

They'd kicked off by a quarter to 6. Sanil and Achu took turns behind the wheel and since we're monitoring them thanks to the GPS, their real time position was known to us all the while. They'd reached their destination by a quarter to 5 and soon after, we heard of the mayhem let loose in the city of Bangalore, on a silly thing like the sharing of the Cauvery waters! Let me make it clear, waters have to be shared amicably by the adjoining states without any damn hesitation!!

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Burning of vehicles on either side of the border between the two states and causing collateral damage just cannot be accepted. The reason - the order by the Supreme Court regarding the sharing of the Cauvery waters! Consequently, tempers have risen, emotions have been stoked by the mischief mongers and the mayhem is there for all to see. I'm sure the law and order machinery of the state will rise to the occasion, round up the culprits at the earliest and justice will be delivered.

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Rathnavalli teacher, all of 78 years and a good friend of mom, came to offer her condolences. She was immensely sad and told us a lot many anecdotes of mom. As she spoke, looking at my mom's recent photograph on the mantelpiece, her tears were unstoppable while flowing down her cheeks!
Susheelakutty and Ramachandran came in soon after and spent some time with us. We're meeting them after a long gap. Ramachandrettan had come in with his son, Sarath accompanied by his wife, Anjana and their three year old daughter, Yukta who kept us regaled by her continuous chatter and had fallen in love with me by the end of her stay!!

           *                                         *                                              *

It was the second evening of lighting the wick at the stowage point of my mom's ashes.


1. Am not saying in hindsight but I was sure that mom would take care of her son-in-law and the grandchildren, throughout their journey and ensure that no harm befell them, the Cauvery 'tamasha' notwithstanding! But thinking back on it, a car with Karnataka registration traversed through a stretch of 600 kms of Tamilnadu's countryside and the Hosur road towards the end!!

2. Parul and Sanjay Khare had called up to offer their condolences and comfort me, late in the evening. Damn sweet of them!

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