Friday, September 2, 2016

Reality bytes nay, 'bites'!

1. Do Not Want to Shun Existing Practices!

During my recent visit to Thiruvananthapuram, to attend an official programme, I was interacting with the genial Mohan, who was driving Maman's car for the occasion. He has two sons, the elder one working in a travel agency, like himself, while the younger one was doing graduation in Commerce in a reputed college. He has four taxis that he provides the agency on hire. He's disappointed under the present circumstances as the business has gone dull thanks to the Uber and Ola taxi services, which provide quality service with reasonable rates, coupled with pleasant experiences, for the customers.

In fact, the taxi and the auto rickshaw drivers are facing the heat and they've been trying their best to put the spanner on the Uber and Ola taxi services, using the government and the trade unions. How they fleece the common man needs no elaboration here. The sad fact is that instead of asking them to follow correct practices the government has, curiously, turned the heat on these companies. Why do we egg on these people who follow corrupt practices?

2. Another Hartal that Brought the Country to a Grinding Halt! 

Today's all India strike by the trade unions is yet another example of coercive tactics, taking over reasonableness, to achieve unnecessary demands in the name of the worker. Though the Bharathiya Mazdoor Sangh - BMS, the trade union that has its affiliations to the BJP stayed out of the strike, in Kerala, they weren't allowed to work by the rest! Productivity was down and man hours wasted - the usual narrative of such a script - was the outcome.

The ultimate loser is the country. Why don't we ensure that we don't do things that would harm the country? For that, we need to love our country and be ready to sacrifice our personal requirements, for its good. But who cares? The self seeking politician is the worst culprit in this regard.

3. An Incorrigible Lot.

There were a few nagging electrical and plumbing problems in the house. I'd spoken to a local guy, Sajeev, the day before when he'd offered to come at 10 AM to do the jobs. Not sighting him at the appointed hour, I'd called him on his cellphone but alas, he refused to attend the phone. I can't understand the mentality of these guys because are they aware that it's bad manners not to attend a call/give a return call the moment the reason for the busy schedule has passed?

It's a strange situation in that one has the money but still can't get things done at the time of one's choice! We're in God's own country, with Devil's own people, remember?


1. Our neighbours had called on to look up mom. A nice gesture on their part! Mom was very happy.

2. Made a dash to the chemist to buy the 'adult diapers' for mom after obtaining her clearance. Had walked the onward distance but took lift for the return trip on Madhu, the salesman's two wheeler which he was glad to offer. There were no vehicles plying on the road thanks to the hartal, remember?

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