Thursday, September 22, 2016

'Sahib, Maaji kidhar hai?'

We'd kicked off from home by a 5' to 7 which was quite delayed compared to my target of 6 o'clock! The caretaker was there to see us off and as per mom's previous actions, we'd handed over Rs.25/- at the road-side snake temple at Randalummoodu. We're off to Sanil's house at Ayoor to drop my sister, Mini and hand over the luggage! It was actually a movement 'backwards' but had to be done as her train to Bangalore was only in the evening.

After a sumptuous breakfast of idlis and interaction with everyone, we'd kicked off our journey to Guruvayur. Ayoor amma still does not seem to have come to terms with mom's passing away! She had held my hand a trifle longer as we bid farewell and Mini, of course, was sad.

The journey was uneventful with me trying to recapitulate mom's previous journeys with us that were joyous occasions. She used to keep us regaled with her stories and queries that were genuine and innocent. Her outlook towards life was disarmingly simple and she could be friendly with any one that she came across, be it the doorman at a hotel, the stewards, the security guys etc! Sasi, the manager at the Kalpakavadi Inn let out a cry and had instant tears in his eyes when I'd told him about mom! That was the level of relationship that she'd built up with people that she came across!!

Lunch was at the vegetarian eatery in Kalamasserry that we frequented and Thapa, at the security, showed his anguish to my answer - I'd pointed my finger heavenward - to his query of, "Sahib, maaji kidhar hai?" She'd shaken hands with him the last time!

We reached 'The Quarterdeck' by a half past 3. Everything in the house seemed to be on the 'pause button', as I'd left with mom to the hospital, on the 4th and brought back memories. There was another task that had to be done and after a quick cup of tea, the three of us had called on the Warriath family to condole chettan's death - chechi looks devastated. They're eager to hear about my mom and her last journey which I was only eager to oblige them with. Incidentally, Chettan has been cremated within their ancestral compound behind our house.

Chettan and chechi were away at Kozhikode, for an ayurvedic treatment for the former, when mom's end had come about and we'd proceeded to Kottarakkara. On their return, chettan seems to have been bewildered by the sight of our closed house with our car parked on the porch. His query was as to why we'd left the car unlike our usual forays. The others didn't inform him about mom as they feared fatal reaction.........I found it weird but kept my opinion to myself!

We also spent time with our immediate neighbours who'd insisted on providing us with tea.

Since Rema was with us there was plenty of conversation and recall of pleasant memories. Mom's absence wasn't felt........


Mom's clothes, her medicine box, the toiletries and so many other of her personal effects make me refuse to believe that she's no more with us!..............Mom, why did you've to go?   

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