Thursday, September 8, 2016

A quiet day.

Mani had fetched up, as usual, at a 20' past 6. The 'Bali' ceremony started soon after and surprisingly, he made a hash of it. His face showed that he'd a very late night with plenty of booze to keep him company! The result was there for all to see or were there any other reasons? The things that were not available were camphor to get the fire in the makeshift stove moving, the Re.1 coin along with the betel leaf and nut..........The crow never fetched up, upsetting even my own prediction for today.

....Or have I done anything wrong that has upset mom's soul, I wonder......

           *                                 *                                 *

Babu Sahadev, my classmate, had called from Canada to covey his condolences. He'd recalled his stays at 'The Quarterdeck' and the thrill that mom had while hosting them. When his voice broke, I'd to put him at ease!

Ajith, had called from his ashram this afternoon and he sounded distraught at the news about my mom. He was relaxed when I'd recounted the thrill that mom had, on receiving the eight volumes of the Mahabhagavatham that he'd sent for her on the Janamashtami day!

Narayanan seems to be smarting from not having seen my mom's mortal remains despite my informing him! I've given him the task of registering online, for mom's death certificate and he was only too happy to oblige. Damn sweet of him! Probably, it reins in his despair!! The application needs to be forwarded within the next two days.

            *                                 *                                  *

Lekha, Sanil and Ammu had gone out for the purchase of items that would be required over the weekend and for the 'Sanchayanam' on Sunday! They reached, after finishing all the work, a trifle after a half past 1.


A quiet but hectic day and the sun kept it quite warm in the afternoon!

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