Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Mom's Mollykutty comes calling.

Mani and I went through the day's proceedings with clockwork precision. The crows and the birds have got used to the new source of food and hence, didn't waste much time in swooping in on the offering! Padmakumar, left for his house after breakfast, to spend time with his mother, who's recouping slowly but steadily from her recent fall.

Lekha had gone to Kottarakkara to get, most importantly, a few medicines that were low on stock and to replenish the provisions required for our stay in the coming days. She was back in an hour, commuting up and down by auto rickshaws!

Rema's neighbours - Praveen and Babita - who'd commenced their journey early morning from Palakkad reached us by lunchtime. Mom had taken a liking for 'Mollykutty' - that's her nickname for the diminutive young lady with a million volt smile - during her visits to Palakkad and relished her interactions with Praveen. They'd not heeded to her invites to 'The Quarterdeck' at Guruvayur because of their professional preoccupation - he's a self made businessman dealing with machinery spares, operating from Coimbatore while she's a veterinary surgeon at Palakkad!

They're told about my mom's last days and anecdotes by the four of us - lest we missed out on the details! The two of them were exceptional listeners and were eager to hear more of our narration and by the time they're off to Thiruvananthapuram, it was teatime!

          *                                          *                                            *

Earlier, my friend, RK Singh had called up to offer his condolences and we ended up catching up with each other's news over a telecon that lasted almost an hour! He's settling down at Ahmedabad - in fact, midway between Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar - and is currently overseeing the furnishing of a his three BHK flat in which he has offered a bedroom for us, if and when we were to visit him and Usha! He's aware of the thrill that I get while I attend the Dussehra celebrations out there!!

It was damn sweet of him.....

           *                                         *                                            *

Meanwhile calls, messages and mail continue to pour in!


(a) The madness over the Cauvery waters continues. Sadly, we don't seem to have tall leaders who are capable of putting a sense of reasoning, mature thoughts and a sense of fair play into the minds of the rampaging public towards their fellow countrymen. Sad!

(b) Based on messages received from friends, classmates and course mates over the What'sApp, I understand that the three service chiefs have told the government that the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission were not being implemented in the armed forces as they do not fulfill the aspirations of the men in uniform! I laud the chiefs for taking a stand.....it would be prudent for the government to take note of the servicemen's grievances and rewrite the recommendations, without any further delay!!


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