Saturday, August 6, 2016

With Jojy and Saly.

After a leisurely morning and interaction with everyone, we'd set off for Shenoy Care to buy the medicine that was not decipherable on the doctor's prescription slip. My cousin had uploaded it on What'sApp for a reliable chemist who, too, couldn't make it it out and hence, we'd to make a trip to the clinic! From there we'd made it for lunch at Jojy-Saly's place.

It's great being with them yet again. The evening's 'pot luck' gathering was a nice affair and it was great catching up with everyone. Vasudevan, our 'saarthi' of the Uber Taxi Service, was a nice guy who drove well, made interesting conversation had a tough time with the horrible evening traffic. He's a graduate doing a two year course on IT and he drives the car belonging to his friend - who's currently vacationing with his family in Spain - just for pleasure.

            *                                 *                                    *

It has been raining off and on out here. The movements were, therefore, restricted to avoid driving with what I like to call as 'wipers on' driving. Had called up my sister and mom to tell them about our changed programme thanks to Lekha's Monday morning appointment with the dentist. I will also be able to do some work for our Kollam outfit by virtue of being at Kochi.

            *                                  *                                   *

Lekha's cough continues unabated, having picked up in intensity since this morning. It's a continuing source of worry though the doctor brushed it aside as a minor allergic reaction. Hope the intake of the new medicine will make the difference. Incidentally, my bad throat has become all right. Phew!

            *                                   *                                   *

Got an opportunity, during the day, to explain to a small group of people about our ongoing e-literacy campaign. Many of them were keen to help us in our endeavour because they're sure that it was not only a noble cause but also contemporary. Their reactions did give me a nice feeling.


Catching up with the news is always tricky when one's on the move. From that viewpoint, I've been comparatively blank!

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