Thursday, August 18, 2016

Stupendous Performances!

Firstly, I must convey my apologies to Sakshi Malik for reacting a day late on her winning the bronze medal in the 58 kg Freestyle Wrestling event. You've brought glory to us and to your country by your perseverance and hard work, when many of us had resigned to the fact that our contingent might return from the Rio Olympics with a 'no score'! What makes it all the more sweet is that her coach is Kuldeep Singh, an ex-Master Chief Petty Officer of the Indian Navy!!

Congratulations Sakshi, yet again, on your great show. May there be many more victories for you in the years to come. Here's wishing you all the best in your endeavour!

And congratulations, PV Sindhu on your fantastic performance on the Badminton Court! Your entry into the finals has all your countrymen praying for you to get the coveted gold! May god be with you!! Pullela Gopichand, you've carved a real gem that India's gonna be proud of!!!

Not to forget the gutsy, Dipa Karmakar, who'd started it all and there was no eye that wasn't moist nor was there any throat that didn't have a lump when she missed a medal by a whisker. Your first Produnova was the defining moment for India at the Rio Olympics! May you scorch the gymnastic arena in the years to come!!

Dipa, Sakshi and Sindhu, you girls have given us plenty to cheer and walk with our heads held high!

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Had gone to the Geeyem Motors by about 1030 hrs to hand over our Chevy for its servicing after having done over 60,000 km. It's gonna take a day and I should get the vehicle back by tomorrow evening. We're off on a trip to my dad's house, from where we attend a wedding in the family on Sunday. Since we'd discussed about it last month, the complete set of spares, for the mandatory servicing, has been made available. The efficient customer adviser, the smiling coffee provider and the drop at the Amala Hospital bus stop - by one of their drivers - from where I could catch the return bus made the trip short and sweet!

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During the evening walk, I'd met the chemist from whom I regularly pick up our medicines. This evening it was to find an antidote for my lingering cough and Lekha's. Oommer and Gopan didn't disappoint me! Let's wait for the outcome!!


The DTH went blank just like that and I remembered the service rep telling me, after his last visit, that our banana trees that were adjacent to the dish had their leaves covering its clear view of the sky, bringing about such interruptions. So, armed with a knife, I'd gone on to the terrace and chopped off a few leaves from the base and left them in our kitchen garden. The farmhand was quick to point out that it's not a good practice to cut banana leaves and leave them, in full, as it conveyed bad omen and had gone on to cut them into several small pieces.

Among us a corpse is kept on a clean, full length banana leaf for the last rites after which it's shifted to the pyre. An uncut banana leaf portends death, perhaps!

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