Saturday, August 27, 2016

To Kochi and back.

Lekha had an appointment with her dentist at 11 in the morning. There were a few things to be tied up before leaving though my sister, Rema, was also in attendance having come in yesterday. After finishing her morning chores, Lekha was ready and we'd set off for Kochi by a quarter past 8.

To help me through the morning traffic, I'd employed Johnson to drive my car for the purpose so that I could take myself off the driving woes just for this episode! He did a good job and yet, we're at the dentist's with just a minute to spare for the appointed hour of 11!! But it was of no use as the doctor was performing surgery on an earlier patient who'd fetched up late and in the bargain, we lost about an hour.

The toothy had taken fresh measurements for Lekha's new dental furniture as the old one had given way. The renewal process and replacement comes under the ten year warranty for the dental treatment and is, therefore, free! Enroute, we'd lunch at a new place near Kalamasserry and by the time we reached The Quarterdeck, it was a quarter past 3. Radhan chettan, my cousin, who'd come by 10 in the morning was there to hand over the 10 grand that he'd taken a couple of months back and I'd given him a bottle of brandy that I'd promised.

Jojy, my classmate, had come to Guruvayur to attend a wedding after which he'd come to spend the evening at our place. In fact, he'd come earlier while we're still at Kochi and had gone for his afternoon snooze after spending time with mom and Radhan chettan.

I'd gone for the evening walk as usual and returned to settle down with mom, Lekha and Jojy. Mom was her relaxed self, enjoying the interaction thoroughly. I told her about my trip to Thiruvananthapuram on Monday and she's given me the green signal! Rema, my sister, will be here by tomorrow evening to assist Lekha during my absence!


Johnson just wouldn't tell me what his charges were. Checked out with George, my usual sa'arthi, who told me what the actual rates were. Whereupon, I'd called up Johnson, apologised to him and handed over the remaining Rs.200/-!

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