Monday, August 15, 2016

The 70th Independence Day.

It was a bright morning and as I'd told myself, I hoisted the tricolour atop my balcony at 0800 hrs. Felt proud of it and I'd informed about it to my friends on the What'sApp who wanted the snaps of the fluttering flag, which I was only too eager to oblige!

      *                                       *                                         *

My sister had called up to say that she was at Pidavoor, her husband's place, as her mother-in-law - all of 87 yrs - had a fall in the kitchen, earlier in the morning, just prior to their departure. Luckily, there was no fracture but the old lady had thrown up whenever she was made to eat which she was, otherwise, refraining from! Meanwhile, Padmakumar and Achu had reached Palakkad a trifle after sunset and the latter had left for Bangalore by the evening's Volvo in which he'd a reservation.

       *                                      *                                          *

Meanwhile my cousin, Sindhu, had called to report about her mom's condition. Vilasini kunjamma, her mom, suffers from Alzheimer's condition and off late, seems to have no control of her bowel movements resulting in her frequent shuttles to the bathroom. Consequently, she's hungry and heads for the fridge to eat anything and everything that's available. My cousin's woes have multiplied because of her own discomfort with a prolapsed disc in her vertebral column. I'd asked her to take up an appointment with her mom's doctor forthwith and perhaps, seek an admission in the hospital for close monitoring of her present condition and to control the bowel movements. On hanging up, I'd called up my Maman for monitoring the case and to provide help as required as he was at Thiruvananthapuram..

        *                                      *                                         *

The walk to the chemist wasn't futile as he'd got three of the five tablets that my mom required. Actually, his suppliers had goofed up earlier in the day and had provided the three to help me tide over the situation! Well, things are looking up, definitely.

        *                                      *                                         *

My friend, Ajith, had called up, from his ashram at the Himalayan foothills, to say that he'd put money into my account to gift my mom with the 'Mahabhagavatham' for this Janamashtami. I tried telling him that she didn't do prolonged reading these days but he was insistent. I shall do the needful and perhaps, the book could become handy for Lekha and me. Damn sweet of him!


It's the 70th Independence Day. What I shall remember of this day is the mention of Balochistan and Gilgit-Baltistan by the Prime Minister, in his speech from the ramparts of the Red Fort, for the first time. Pakistan seems to have gone crazy over it from their initial reactions!


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