Friday, August 19, 2016

How do I dissipate this anger of mine?

My neighbour told me this heart rending story and I'm wild with rage. You might wonder why? So, please listen to the story....

  "My neighbour's domestic help is in a spin ever since her mother has been admitted in a reputed
    hospital in town. She's brain dead but the following is continuing:-

        (a) She is kept in the ICU.
        (b) Oxygen cylinders are changed for reasons known only to the hospital's faculty. I mean, why
              does a brain dead patient require Oxygen?
        (c) The family is of the low income group.
        (d) Costly medicines are being called for, in the name of the patient, but does she really require

    My questions to the hospital and the attendant doctors are the following:-

        (a) Will you do this to a close relative of yours under similar medical conditions?
        (b) Don't you have a sense of responsibility to the patient and her relatives?
        (c) How much money are you going to make on this patient?
        (d) Where are your morals and medical ethics?
        (e) Are you hell bent on making good your losses at the expense of this poor family? 

My take.

I have long since heard about the business mindedness of the people in the medical profession. But this really takes the cake. Wonder what I can do for the poor lady?

       *                                *                                 *

Reached the Geeyem Motors with a few minutes to spare for 1700 hrs. I'd to wait for another hour before I got my vehicle as the water wash was still in progress when I stepped in. The Chevy was smooth as I realised it during my return drive and had topped up the fuel tank and checked the tyre pressure at the petrol pump near our place.

       *                                *                                  *

Aniyan, Lakshmi and their son, Gopu had dropped by to invite us for their daughter, Gayatri's wedding which is gonna be a three day extravaganza during the second week of December at Kollam. It was nice catching up with them after a long time!


Tomorrow is a gonna be a long day as we drive down to my dad's place after a while. 

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