Friday, August 5, 2016

From my aunt's to chellakkili's.

The movie had finished by about a half past 2 and by the time we'd hit the sack, it was almost 3! The movie was nice; it was about the meeting of two who relate to each other as soulmates right from the first instance that they come in contact with each other. Mammootty and Huma Qureshi make a great pair and the countryside of London is seen at its scenic best. Perhaps, a bit more trimming down would have made the movie even better! (My little nephew, Vivek, had warned me at the outset when he was going to fetch the tickets with, "Uncle the movie is slow and it isn't attracting crowds", but his parents were pretty clear that his remark was because of the fact that he was an ardent Mohanlal fan!)

The house was agog with activity this morning at a half past 5. Sajeev had visited the nearby temple, along with his wife, gone about his final checks on the luggage that he was carrying and left by the Uber by 8 o'clock. Lekha and I'd made it a point to cushion the family's angst on account of the farewell - that was the least we could do in the circumstances!

We, too, left the house by about a half past 10 and drove straight to Lekha's doctor. We'd spent a total of an hour and a half at his clinic during which the results of her liver function test were carefully analysed and steps taken to roll back the reading that had exceeded the limits, albeit, marginally. The intake of Folitrax has been trimmed down by 5 mg and she's to revert back for the next review after two months and accordingly, the next visit has been fixed for 07 Oct. The dental surgeon, who was to see her tomorrow, was apologetic when he called up to say that her appointment was being shifted to Monday as he was taken up with a sudden change in his schedule and did she mind!

For us, it calls for another quick visit to Ernakulam at the start of the next week! Well, life can be full of unexpected changes and everything doesn't take a textbook ending, however, much one has done one's homework. One can gnash one's teeth in disgust but the wise thing would be to accept the situation as it turns out to be! I think I've become more flexible as days pass by!!

A quick visit to the canteen for groceries, sundry shopping at the 'Broadway' and we're at chellakkili's - my cousin - place before sunset. She did fetch up a bit late from her work but made up for it by sitting late into the evening with us, spinning yarn!


Ramakrishnan's mom @ 103 years seldom reacts these days. Touched her feet and saw her tired body that has emaciated further! But what is important is that Ramakrishnan is happy that his mom is with him!!    

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