Thursday, August 25, 2016

Inhuman and insensitive!

Yes, this story is from Kalahandi, which has always been in the news for its poverty and inhuman conditions. I was under the impression that with the developmental process being on under Navin Patnaik's rule, things had changed and more importantly, attitudes had changed. But from what comes out here, everything remains the same.....sad!

Dana Manjhi, from the Melghar village of Kalahandi, lost his wife, Amangadei, to tuberculosis on Wednesday morning at the district hospital in Bhawanipatna. He'd finished up his paltry savings in the course of the treatment and had no money to transport her body to his village for the last rites and cremation. His pleas for a transport with the hospital authorities fell on deaf ears!

So, he carried the body, wrapped in old sheets from the hospital and started the long trek of 60 kms, back to his village, with his teenage daughter in tow. After traversing over 10 km, some youth had reported the matter to the local authorities and with the media covering the episode, the family got the much needed vehicle!

What does one say about the hospital authorities who didn't respond to a genuine requirement from a frantic gentleman and that, too, when he wasn't asking for much! ........They need to be taken to task without delay and no mercy should be shown for their inhuman attitude!!

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What's happened in Maharashtra during the Janamashtami celebrations is not in the fitness of things. Thousands of youngsters had joined the 'Dahi Handi' where some groups had violated the 20 ft ceiling for the human pyramids, set by the Supreme Court, concerned over casualties and injuries suffered by 'Govindas', as the participants are known. Raj Thackeray, sponsored celebrations in Thane had strung the Dahi Handi at a height of 49 ft. See how he has incited people without getting involved directly and he's always shown that he's a rogue among politicians by goading one section of the society over the other with some smouldering differences in opinion! In other words, he's a penchant for fishing in troubled waters!!

I would term such defiance of law as the resort of publicity seeking individuals who want to remain in the limelight!

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The marathon runner, Jaisha's complaint about lack of drinking water in the Indian stalls, at the vantage points during the run at the recently concluded Rio Olympics, was a shocker. Rather than addressing the issue and identifying the people responsible, she has been made to change her original statement to save the culprits! Why can't we be man enough to admit our faults and take the punishment?


1. I was fast asleep after seeing my mom tucked safely in bed. Around 3, I'd got up and when I went to look her up, I found her lying prostrate on the bed, obviously, having slipped on the water dropped below! She needs close attention and I've arranged for a nurse to look after her during the dark hours. Saritha, the nurse who has been assigned by the organisation made her acquaintance visit this evening, around sunset.

I can be totally unreliable while I'm asleep! Hence this unprecedented step for the next few days!!

2. Ramanujan and Prema had come by in the afternoon after attending the wedding. Unlike in the past, mom did spend time with them towards the end but had preferred to have her snooze even after hearing about their arrival!


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