Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The last day of Karkidakom!

Well, today marks the last day of the Malayalam month, Karkidakom. Preparations are on everywhere, to welcome the first of Chingam tomorrow. The temple is seeing a generous spurt in pilgrims this season.

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Indira kunjamma, has improved to a great extent. She has got back her appetite and is chatty over the telephone. She'd asked me to book one of the meditation halls for her 'Narayaneeyam' recital on the 11th of Sep. Unfortunately, the halls have been booked out already as I came to know when I'd visited the particular counter at the Devaswom Office. She could do the recitation at any convenient spot within the premises of the temple, the authorities said. I'd wanted to cross check with her and to see as to whether the alternate dates on offer were suitable but she was neither on the land phone nor answering her cellphone. Only later did she confirm that she'd made a foray to her bank - a sure sign that she's doing well and thank god for that!

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Met the smart young lady in my bank who'd been absent during my last couple of visits - I limit my visits to a maximum of two per month because frankly, I do not have too much of wealth! A simple man who's comfortable with what I've got.....that's the bottom line. She'd got my work done in a jiffy; the manager was busy, meanwhile, with another couple.

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Daljeet, my friend and course mate from the merchant marine who now runs a popular eatery at New Delhi, lost his 94 year old dad, a retired Colonel who was highly respected and loved. RIP sir, my tears and prayers! Daljeet, here's wishing that you and the family have the strength to tide over these stressful times. Take care.

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After rounding off my evening walk, I had gone to the new clinic that has been opened by a doctor couple in our neighbourhood. Actually, I'd met the lady a few days back for an opinion on the antibiotic to be administered on my mom. She's a Pulmonologist and a Sardarni, to boot. As luck would have it, Jimmy Francis, MD was free after sending away a patient and there were none waiting, at that point of time! So we acquainted ourselves and he gave me his cell number promising that he'd call on, as and when necessary, provided I rang him up by 2000 hrs, half an hour before his secure! An unassuming gentleman and it's comfortable to have a doctor, known to you, in the near vicinity to cater for an emergency!!


What I hate about the days succeeding holidays is the lack of newspapers. One's copy along with the morning cuppa is a starter!

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