Thursday, July 7, 2016

Off to Thiruvananthapuram - Leg 1.

Tossing in bed, half an hour before final wake up seems to have become a repeat phenomenon. The sky was clear and I could have gone for a walk but today's programme precluded that! The morning chores were gone through but there was an unnecessary waste of time waiting for the newspaper boy as it was a holiday yesterday which was realised much later. I suppose he'll put today's ToI along with the newspaper on Monday!

          *                                 *                                  *

It's a quick dash to town to tie up a few things. Ashwin had sent me a copy of the newspaper that had the article on mom - based on the phone interview that I had with him - by courier. The work at both the banks didn't take much time but the manager was not able to give me a satisfying answer as to how my cell number had returned to the previous one at Delhi, much before the number portability had kicked in, resulting in the alerts not reaching me. Another of those quirks of the computers!

          *                                 *                                  *

By the time we'd set off for Palakkad, it was a quarter past 11. Mom was restless as it was a long wait for her but was happy about the article in the newspaper. A quick visit to the nearby petrol pump for checking tyre pressure and we're on our way without much ado. The journey was nice, error free and pleasant without encountering rain throughout and we'd reached my sister's place at a half past 1 for a delayed lunch for mom and Lekha. It was then that I regretted at not having stopped enroute for a tea break which would have avoided the pangs of hunger! I can be shorn of all such nicer aspects when I concentrate on reaching the destination!

          *                                 *                                   *

It was nice being at my sister's place and her lunch was the typical organic stuff that she and my brother-in-law are quite fond of. It was scrumptious all right though I keep reminding them that over indulgence in a particular variety of food could work out detrimental because of the erratic supply and demand in the market. Probably, I'm being pessimistic but I believe that the safest bet is to be flexible in food habits so that one can fit into any sort of situation!

          *                                 *                                   *

Wasn't Madhavan, the security in charge, glad to see us? On his insistence, I'd parked my Chevy at a parking slot within the stilted parking area whose owner, working abroad, has been away for more than a month. And all of a sudden, he was back around tea time looking very unhappy that I'd the audacity to park in his fiefdom, taking on poor Madhavan for having allowed me and I'd to intervene saying that it was at my insistence that he'd done so and apologised, all the same. But alas, it ended up in a disaster by the time I'd parked at the new slot offered outside when I'd my Chevy 'kiss' one of the numerous stilts during the penultimate maneuver! A new dimple has been added!!

........When will I ever improve?


Tomorrow's stretch is a long one, literally from the north to the south.


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