Saturday, July 30, 2016


I'm revisiting a couple of news round ups just to show the doublespeak involved. The common man - though I'm of the firm opinion that everyone has a stand on each issue that comes his/her way - can be pardoned for not firming up on a decision quickly enough but the evolved ones and especially, those that the nation looks up to, for showing the right path in case of a dilemma, can neither afford to dither nor dilly dally!

  (a) The Press Vs The Lawyers.

        There seems to be an ambivalence about a free and fair press. After the government's stand was
        revealed by none other than the CM himself that the freedom of the press cannot be trampled
        upon and the restoration of the access of the press into the courts' premises to the same level
        as it was before the showdown was long overdue, the Kerala High Court has clarified that there's
        no ban whatsoever on the media in reporting open court proceedings but clarification on two
        aspects were yet to be provided viz.:-

             (i) An unrestricted access to court orders and judgments because there's a rider that the
                  media access to judgments is left to the discretion of individual judges. Individual judges
                  "will be at liberty to decline access to any person" to their offices.
            (ii) The reopening of the 'media room' within the High Court's premises.

         Obviously, the stand off between a section of the lawyers and the press is continuing. The court
         has not been able to arbitrate effectively on the issue, so it seems. Sad!

  (b) A Case of The Proverbial Pot Calling The Kettle Black.

        A spokesman of the US State Department has expressed concern about "reports of rising
        intolerance and violence" after a Paki journalist lectured about human rights "violation all over
        India and reports of killing people for eating beef."

        Can't help but laugh at a Pakistani raising such an issue as his country is known for such
        transgressions everyday. And to the yanks, "What do you have to speak of the numerous crimes
        of hatred being reported from various parts of your country?"


The Pinarayi Vijayan government had taken up office after a sweeping mandate that the LDF had received, from the people of Kerala, for bringing about a change to the "corruption ridden rule of the UDF."(Ellaam sariyaakum!). Within a matter of 45 days, Pinarayi Vijayan's effigies are being burnt in various parts of the state. Though it has been the handiwork of the Congress-led opposition, has the government lost the plot? Here are some of the issues that have brought about the change in attitude:-

    (a) The continuing incarceration of VS Achuthanandan.
    (b) MK Damodaran's - supposedly close to the CM - appearance for Santiago Martin of the lottery
          case fame and for appearing for the defence in the infamous "Ice cream Parlour case".
    (c) Not having taken a firm stand on the ongoing lawyers vs press fracas.
    (d) The inconclusiveness of the Jisha murder case and
    (e) The impression that the CPI(M) doesn't care about the opinions of its constituents, especially
          that of the CPI consequent to which the LDF is not pulling, on issues, together!

The government needs to buck up, get its act together and concentrate on providing good governance.


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