Friday, July 22, 2016

This is the essence of life.

Finally, certain long standing work could be accomplished. My sister had come by soon after breakfast time to be with mom while we ran a few errands that could wait no more, like:-

    (a) Look up Radha's(My class mate, Anil's wife) mom who has been unwell for quite a while.
    (b) Meet the surgeon regarding Lekha's recurring abdominal pains.
    (c) Pick up the DVD player that has long since been repaired and
    (d) Pick up a pair of sports shoes for myself.

Since all the work had to be done at Thrissur, I'd asked George to be our chauffeur but because he was held up with work, he'd sent Sajeesh instead and we weren't complaining! I wanted to save myself from the drive through crazy traffic during peak time and the parking blues. Before leaving at about a quarter to 1, I'd called up the nearby hospital for their sample collection team to arrive tomorrow morning at 7, to collect mom's blood and urine samples as she meets her doctor next week, at Kochi.

Our first stop was at Radha's place. All of 84 yrs, her mom has neither had food nor water for the last nine days, lies motionless on her back in bed, breathing long and heavily with mouth open and eyes open with the irises darting from one side to the other continuously. She isn't registering a darned thing! She had a fall about a couple of months back, was nursed back to near normalcy when, all of a sudden, her condition had taken a flip and this has been the result.

Among us, mallus, two things are often spoken about which are:-
     (a) It's during the month of Karkkidakom on the Malayalam calendar that god makes the finally
          tally of the number of people he's to recall and it's a fact that the maximum number of deaths
          occur during this last month of the year!
     (b) One has to answer for all the sins of this life before one passes into the mist of time and death
           embraces one at the appointed hour!!

Lekha and I recalled our past visits at their place when the old lady used to look after us with exotic eats and continuous conversation....she's very fond of us! Seeing her in this pitiable state, we could only pray to the almighty for her early release from this horrible state! Come to think of it, two more people, intimately known to us, are in similar situation - our neighbour's 92 yr old father-in-law who's been comatose for the entire week with multiple blood clots in his brain and Indira kunjamma, who's still on a pediatric dosage of medicines for her intestinal TB, as she's too frail to accept the full dosage.........

The stop at the Bata showroom was a short one as we'd to help Sajeesh in juggling with his parking. We're at the surgeon's inspection room at the appointed hour. Lekha's problem was put across and he'd called for a USG scan of the abdomen along with the liver function test. The conclusion from the results was that her abdominal pain wasn't due to the gall bladder stones that continue to remain asymptomatic. Phew! She'll be reviewed again, after two months but the thinking is that the recurring pain could have been due to plain indigestion!!

We couldn't meet her plastic surgeon as was decided earlier and returned through blinding rain, all the way, from Thrissur to Guruvayur. The repaired DVD player was retrieved and installed on arrival, a trifle after sunset.


It's a quiet evening thereafter and a boisterous dinner!

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