Saturday, July 23, 2016

Was she waiting for us?

Radha's mom passed into the mist of time around 8 AM, this morning. Was she waiting to see us, all these days, because she left barely 12 hrs after we'd gone down to meet her? I'd like to believe that she was. RIP, Amma. My tears and prayers.

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Rema had planned to leave by 0830 hrs and accordingly, I'd accompanied her to the nearest stop to see her board the bus. But two things happened viz. two buses didn't stop and she was guilty about the fact that she hadn't trimmed mom's toe nails that was asked for. So we retraced our steps back to 'The Quarterdeck'. Mom and Lekha were surprised but after helping out mom with her work, we once again presented ourselves at the bus stop and this time, she could board a low floor a/c bus. The time was a few minutes past 10!

I'd a brief chat with my neighbour whose father-in-law's condition remained unchanged. I told him about Radha's mom and he'd wanted me to convey their condolences when I attended the old lady's funeral tomorrow.

Pushpakaran, the farmhand, had come by around a half past 5, after finishing his work. He'd the banana trees - that were leaning towards the house/compound wall - bunched up together and neatly secured them with a couple of supports. The kitchen garden suddenly appeared to have regained a lot of space!

The walk was nice. I'd taken my walking stick along, instead of an umbrella, though it threatened to rain. Luckily, it started to drizzle by the time I'd almost completed my walk and was to pick up a loaf of bread from the bakers.

It had begun to pour as I'd got into the house to a quiet evening thereafter. I'd multi tasked myself by giving Lekha her medicines, switching on the motor for pumping up water onto the overhead tank and sending a stern message to the 'PN Panicker family' on its what'sapp site for displaying a tardiness in wishing one of my nieces on her birthday!


And the upshot? The water being pumped had overflown, its noise merging with the rains that had steadily picked up over the evening. Also felt guilty for chiding my mom for washing after meals into her plate.

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