Thursday, July 21, 2016

These amaze me.

The intense media coverage on trivia continues to amaze me. Let me touch upon a couple that should have been left alone to the agencies, who're meant to tackle them or even make the individuals to respond - they've a reason to explain their stance!

  1. The Rahul Gandhi Snooze.

      Rahul Gandhi was caught having a snooze in Parliament when the atrocities committed on
      a few dalits by certain 'cow vigilantes', in Gujarat, was being heatedly discussed. What made
      me laugh uncontrollably was the elaborate explanations given by the Congress MPs, like Renuka
      Chowdhary for example, about their leader having 'light adjustment problem' since he'd come
      from outside to contemplating deeply on the issue. Can sycophancy go to such lengths? The
      following aspects are worth remembering, which are:-

         (a) Rahul Gandhi does not have the leadership qualities that his sister seems to have. Many
              of his own party men openly endorse this factor. But his mom wants him to be this country's               PM and so be it even at the cost of the disintegration of the party.
         (b) Why can't he accept that he did doze in Parliament? Or is it that his party is gonna face the
               flak and for the rest to believe that its leader is not serious about the issue as made out to be?
         (c) And then he makes it to the spot and visits one of the affected dalit's house to sip tea. His
              body language, as he sips tea, clearly shows that he's not very enthusiastic but has to go
              through a necessary ritual forced upon him.

   2. The 'Kabaali' Fever.

       Rajnikanth's latest Tamil movie, Kabaali, is releasing, tomorrow, all across the country. Here are            some more interesting information:-

          (a) In Tamilnadu, it's gonna be shown on more than 2,000 screens.
          (b) The first show will start at 0400 hrs.
          (c) The rate of tickets ranges between Rs.500/- and Rs.1,000/- officially, for the first day.
          (d) Since Rajani fans have asked for leave en masse for Friday, IT firms will be shut down.
          (e) What remains to be seen is whether the Rajnikanth-Sonakshi Sinha starrer will have
                the cash registers ringing!

        What I admire of the actor is that he's the only Indian actor who doesn't mind being his age
         in real life. People are fond of his mannerisms though his histrionic talent has its limitations.
         And he's a thorough gentleman!

Having talked about the trivia that has hogged headlines, these realities have stunned me which are:-

    3. The Agitation Over the Dalits.

        In Parliament, there has been a lot of chest thumping and the usual political drama enacted by
        political parties, cutting across ideology, over the last couple of days because of their sizeable
        vote bank. Agitation in Gujarat has been whipped up to cover more areas. A crass remark by
        a BJP guy, about Mayavati, has given her partymen to raise the banner of revolt in UP. And
        what's the result? The passage of the GST Bill is again gonna be delayed, if not dumped, in this
        session of Parliament too. National interests be goddamned, seems to be the fine print! Sad.

   4. The Advocates vs The Fourth Estate.

       The ongoing violent skirmishes between the Press and the advocates that have been raging at
       Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram have brought certain pertinent issues out in the open. That
       the assault on the press has been planned and systematically executed by the advocates has been
       exposed because the police has been mute spectators and the government has been deafeningly
       silent.  Consider these:-

            (a) An advocate molests a lady and when the lady files a case with the police, the father
                 and son reach an agreement. Consequently, the lady withdraws the complaint.
            (b) On withdrawal of her complaint, the advocate tries to malign her saying that he was
                  innocent because of which the lady files the complaint all over again, while handing over
                  the agreement arrived at by the father-son duo with her, to the police. The news gets
                  wide coverage in the press.
            (c) The press is attacked by the advocates within the premises of the High Court at Kochi.
                  The police remain mute spectators.
            (d) The attack on the press takes place, this time, in the court premises at Vanchiyoor in
                  Thiruvananthapuram. Police, again, remains a mute witness.

         Also consider these incidents:-

            (a) The police had come across a lot of flak during the ongoing investigation of the Jisha
                  murder case thanks to the detailed coverage by the media.
            (b) The government had come under flak for the chief minister's legal adviser presenting
                  himself in two cases against the government. VS Achuthanandan had pointed out this
                  anomaly and the person has since been removed from the post.

         The question, therefore, is, "Was it a concerted attack on a free and vibrant press by the
         aggrieved advocates, with the police and the government being mute spectators in the whole
         sordid drama?" If affirmative, it's a serious matter!


A couple of observations of the day:-

   (a) Mom's right leg has swollen up. There seems to be a perceptible sluggishness of the limb
         movements of her right side coupled with pain in the joints. Next week, we need to visit her
   (b) My Chevy's battery had gone dead. Had taken her out of the porch to wash it down near the
         well and on completion, when I tried to start her up, the battery didn't play ball. The GM guys
         were informed and their emergency team had come calling, jump started the car with a new
         one so that I could park it at its original place. Next week, she's to be admitted for body work
         and change of battery!


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