Friday, July 15, 2016

Terror strikes in the Mediterranean waterfront of Nice, France.

31 year old Mohammed Lahouaiej Bouhlel drives a large truck into crowds celebrating the Bastille   Day in the French city of Nice. He drove through at a speed of 50 kmph for over two kms killing       84 people and injuring over 200 people, out of which 50 are critical. Police shot him dead once the     vehicle had come to a halt.

The perpetrator hailed from the Tunisian town Msaken, is married and has three children. He was a
delivery truck driver.

RIP, the fallen ones. My tears and prayers. May your near and dear ones have the strength to tide over
these stressful times.

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Liquor sales have fallen drastically, in Kerala, thanks to the liquor policy followed in the state. There's, however, no cause for complacency as the rise in the use of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances has been phenomenal. I was personally aghast to hear a police admission that many drivers of private buses drive under the influence of drugs as it's not easily detectable compared to the breath analyser test for alcoholics!

The fallout is that school going children can be easily influenced/coerced into using drugs by unscrupulous elements whose only aim in life is to make a fast buck!

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Kerala is crying itself foul that the central government has cleared the construction of the Colachel seaport, just 35 kms south of the Vizhinjam seaport. I can't understand the fear in this regard. What it will bring about is intense competition between the two ports which will ensure efficiency resulting in excellent services. In the process, Kerala's port workers must evolve a drastic change in their working attitudes and equip themselves to compete with the modern world while shunning militant trade unionism.

The Vallarpadam Container Trans Shipment Terminal is functioning at a much less efficiency level than its capacity thanks to the negative practices in vogue. Same is the case about the Cochin Port Trust. The fear that Colachel will overtake Vizhinjam within no time, making it an acceptable port for shipping compared with the latter is what is worrying the state.


Dangerous trends that require fitting and spontaneous responses with the aim of 'prevention better than cure'! 


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