Monday, July 18, 2016

Nothing short of the gallows!

A 20 year old dalit girl was brutally gang raped in Rohtak, Haryana. A video grab of the young lady, lying on a government hospital bed, moving her legs in pain showed the horror that she'd gone through and the pain that she was undergoing. I felt sad seeing her sorry plight.

She was gang raped by the same five men who had raped her in '13 while the family was staying in Bhiwani. She and her mother had pursued the case and seen to it that the men - all from upper castes and in their 20s - were punished. The family had, then, migrated to Rohtak to avoid the stigma. The offenders were in jail and had come out on bail.

They were waiting in a vehicle and as the young lady came out of her college, forced her into a vehicle, drugged her and brutally gang raped her for taking her complaint to the court! The young lady was found, in a pathetic condition, among the bushes of Rohtak's Sukhpura Chowk and was admitted in the government hospital.

Those five 'beasts' - can't call them anything but that - have to be taken to task. It's a repeated offence, their jail term has not made any change in their attitudes and instead, they wanted to 'teach' the young lady for having put them up for their wrongs.

It simply calls for capital punishment for the five of them and it's my opinion that they shouldn't be shown any mercy in this matter. They've actually cocked a snook at the law by their dastardly act!

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A 14 year old girl was brutally gang raped and murdered, presumably by three men, in Ahmednagar of Maharashtra. What men are these who after raping the minor, smashed her teeth, pulled out her hair and inflicted pain on the hapless girl before snuffing out her life? Hope the police rounds up these guys at the earliest and their case taken on a fast track court so that justice is delivered with the least lapse of time.

Don't these guys have mothers and sisters of their own?

These guys have the gallows waiting for them for the murder they've committed. If they get it after the legal follow through, how're they gonna be punished for the violation of the young lady, prior to murder?

Beasts, yet again!


What worries me is that these are just two cases of atrocities committed on women that have come into the public domain, thanks to the media. What about the many that never get reported?

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