Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Another page from a day's life.

The early morning rain put paid my plans to go out for a walk. As I went about the morning chores, there was a crow on a nearby tree's branch cawing away and was reminded of my childhood days, when we used to believe that it indicated the arrival of guests in the house that day. The soiled clothes were put into the washing machine and the waste cleared off the bins. The dishes were cleared from the kitchen sink and put in appropriate racks.

       *                                 *                                  *

Meanwhile, mom and Lekha were up and about, going about their morning chores. Just as I finished saying my prayers, my cousin had called up from Kochi saying that he and his family were dropping by and no, they would reach only by teatime meaning lunch wasn't required. They're aware of her discomfort yesterday! He's running out of leave as he needs to be back at work in Saudi, by 05 Aug and we seem to be on the roam almost continuously, according to him!....... So, the crow was right after all!!

        *                                 *                                  *

They arrived by about a half past 3, after lunch at a hotel that we used to frequent with him during the setting up of 'The Quarterdeck'. His mom, mom-in-law, wife and two children accompanied him and the house was all agog with conversation, shrieks of the children and laughter for the next five hours during which they'd also gone to visit the temple leaving his mom - who's had both her knees replaced recently - with us.

         *                                 *                                  *

His mom and my aunt - my dad's youngest brother's wife - looks cheerful and walks more confidently after the surgery. I can never forget that sight of her, almost a couple of years ago, when she hobbled miserably on bent legs with a troublesome varicose vein to boot. It was she who was firm about undergoing the surgery despite the comparatively high costs. And sure enough it was the correct decision!

I remember seeing her for the first time in the summer of '68, during my summer holidays from school while the newly married couple was spending a few days at our place. How time has flown and the way it has made changes in her?...........Tomorrow happen's to be her husband's - Narendran kochachhan's - 17th remembrance day. They'll be going to the River Periyar's banks at Aluva, in the morning, to offer a puja for the departed soul.

         *                                   *                                  *

Meanwhile, Lekha had sent me on a short errand and it was when I'd come across my neighbour after what seemed to be a long time. His father-in-law was in deep coma in a nearby hospital with multiple blood clots in his brain, suffered from a fall in the bathroom last Sunday. The old man is all of 92 yrs, fiercely independent not wanting to stay with his daughter and was staying in a flat near the western entrance of the Guruvayur temple, along with a male nurse all along. His wife had passed away about three years back! The lady's Sunday afternoon trysts for lunch with her dad lay in tatters!!

          *                                  *                                   *

I'd kept my walk short, the temple goers had returned soon after and by then, Lekha'd rustled up supper for them before they returned for Kochi and weren't they bowled over? My nephew, meanwhile, had helped her to update a few more functions on her new cellphone!


Another of those quiet days when I did nothing........almost!

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